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Paint Booth Prices and Why They Vary

Purchasing a Paint Booth Can be an expensive investment for a manufacturer, body shop, fab shop, or woodworker. It can also be an investment that allows for you to paint effectively and safely for years to come. Knowing why paint booth prices vary can be critical to ensure you select a paint booth that will meet your painting process needs effectively and affordably.

Paint Booth Price Variable 1 – The components used

What components are incorporated into your paint booth will depend on the features you have decided to include with your booth. One area of difference that can exist in paint booths is the quality of the components. For example, the lights in the paint booth are they outside companies or are they made internally by the booth manufacturer?  Having internal manufacturing of your lights can allow for tighter control on quality and allows the manufacturer to support the booth if issues arise. Additionally, how about the control package that is integrated with the paint booth?  If there is a plc controller is the controller a reputable plc controls manufacturer? If you have an air make up unit included with your paint booth it is often one of the most expensive components. Important things to evaluate about an air make up is the original manufacturer of the air make up.  Different air make up manufacturers have different feature sets. You want to inspect the air make up unit that may be included to see what the temperature rise the air make up is specified for. You can also evaluate the filters the unit uses (washable vs disposable). You can also learn what components the air make up manufacturer uses internally as these components are critical in determining the longevity and effectiveness of your air make ups operation.

Paint Booth Price Variable 2 – The Features Offered

A paint booth can include a variety of features.  Common options can include recirculation where the booth doesn’t pull in 100% of the air from the outside during baking which can help keep heating costs down this will often be listed as a percentage to show how much fresh vs recirculated air is used, the more air that is reused the better the cost savings. Other options include modes that reduce the booth energy use when it is determined that no painting is occurring. You should also evaluate if curing has been incorporated where the booth temperature can be elevated and allow for product to cure quicker. Finally, you can evaluate if special curing options have been incorporated to help accelerate water borne coating dry time.You will also want to check and see if the booth is being offered with dual skin design as this provides improved insulation to a paint booth and can help reduce booth operating costs.

Paint Booth Price Variable 3 – Drawings and Ease of Assembly

A third reason paint booth prices can vary is what extent of drawings and assembly instructions are provided with the paint booth. This can vary greatly from a basic finished drawing only to complete exploded detail views of all the major parts of the paint booth. The design of the booth will matter as well as some styles will allow for ease of disassembly and reassembly if needed (such as those that are made with pre punched designs and use nuts and bolts).

Paint Booth Price Variable 4 – Support

A final factor that can often times be valuable is the support that your paint booth manufacturer and there partners offer. Does the manufacturer have a local support that can offer help troubleshooting challenges and properly setting up the booth? A booth will often times require minor adjustments to controls, air makes, or the fan to ensure that the booth is properly balanced. Additionally, there can occasional challenges you may need to have to address with air make up units or general booth operation. This is where local support can be tremendously helpful. Additionally, does the booth company focus on paint booths? Companies that deal exclusively with paint booths will typically have better controls in their manufacturing process to ensure that booths are delivered on time, with uniform panel design, and with all parts of the system working effectively together. By knowing these variables for why paint booth prices vary you can better be aware of why a particular paint booth may be a different price than another. If you have further questions or would like you cancheck out our paint booth options.


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