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Powder coating equipment Prices and Why They Vary

If you’re a powder coater in the market for a new powder coating gun, powder coating system, or other powder coating equipment you may be shocked to find the variety of prices that can exist in the market. Powder coating equipment can vary from $350 up to $5000 depending on the equipment being considered.This article will help you understand why equipment can vary significantly between different options so that you can better decide which potential powder going equipment is better suited for your powder coating needs.

Factor 1 for Why Powder Coating Equipment Prices Vary- Kilovolts

One aspect for why powder coating prices vary is the kilovolts (KVs) of power that a powder coating gun will provide. Kilovolts are a measure of energy and are what charge powder to create attraction of the powder to the produc. The higher the KV’s that you apply to powder the greater attraction it will have for a product surface. Higher KV’s will help you prevent excessive powder waste, as well as provide greater flexibility when it comes to addressing powder coating situations like recoating and similar applications.

A higher-end powder coating equipment like a Wagner Sprint system offer KV’s in the 100 range.In contrast, mid or low-end coating equipment that could sell for a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars may only offer KV settings of only 25 KV’s or less. Ultimately this will provide less flexibility when it comes to unique powder applications and will potentially reduce the overall amount powder you applied to target at a given time.

Factor 2 Why Powder Coating Gun Prices Vary-Adjustment of KV’s

KV’s are one of the primary determinants of how powder attracts to a product surface, micrograms are also an important part of electrostatic charge and how powder is attracted to the surface. In general as KV’s increase micrograms lower so that the charge is maximally effective. If you approach a surface with a powder coating gun to quickly that is grounded you can cause the gun to ground out. Grounding out can create a spark that will jump or simply stop the functioning as you move up to close to product surface. To compensate for this issue, KV’s and micrograms can automatically be adjusted. Automatic adjustment of KV’s and micrograms of energy are based on the resistance that is being experienced by the powder coating  gun and is an offer or feature that’s typically only available with higher price powder coating equipment.

In addition higher price powder coating system will offer a control to be able to better determine how quickly microamps and KV’s switch and adjust as they approach a grounded surface. Practically speaking this will help you to not have issues with your equipment grounding out when you are powder coating and consistently moving near and far from a product's surface. Lower priced powder coating equipment will usually not be able to handle you rapidly moving up to close to the product surface and backing out. This can make it harder to powder coat corners and other tight spaces if you have to move in close to build to properly apply the powder in those areas.

Factor 3 Effecting Powder Gun Prices-Control Settings

In addition to auto adjustment of KV’s and microamps based on resistance, higher-end powder coating outfits will allow independent control of kv’s and microamps. At times kv’s are not helpful when powder coating. For example, when you’re dealing with corners and powder coating high KV’s can cause the powder to primarily attract to the edges of the corner. By being able to drop the KV setting lower while simultaneously controlling the microamps setting on a powder coating unit, you can help it reduce and eliminate issues related to the faraday cage affect. A lower price powder coating outfit will usually only have one or two settings available giving limited flexibility when it comes to powder coating oddly shaped products, using metallic powder coats, or recoating a previously powder coated product.

Higher-end powder unit will also come with a wide number of options to preprogram powder settings into the unit. This will allow you to have flexibility to be able to address about any product you may need to powder coat as well as any specific challenges that you may experience with a powder coating you’re trying to use.

Factor 4 – How reparable the Powder Coating Equipment Is

A final reason that power coating gun prices vary is how much you can rebuild your powder coating equipment as it wears over time. High and powder coating guns & equipment, allow you to replace everything from the nozzles on the power coating gun to electric controls that control the powder coating outfit. Lower priced powder coating outfits may not have placing parts that are offered. You want to check and see what replacement parts availability is on a potential powder coating outfit you are considering so you can know whether or not it will last you through years of powder coating.

Factor 5 for Why Powder Coating Gun Prices Vary-Powder Volume Control

Higher priced powder coating systems like the box feed unit from Wagner will offer independent control of the amount of powder you apply at a given time where a lower priced power coating unit may not. Ultimately the additional control of powder coating will provide greater flexibility.

Whether you’re an experienced powder coating or new to powder coating and just considering the right powder equipment for your project needs cost of equipment will be something you have to consider. By knowing some of the benefits you receive from a higher priced powder coating unit compared to a lower priced powder unit you can better determine which type of powder coating unit is best for your needs. If you need additional help deciding on powder coating equipment we can provide greater insight.


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