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Quick way To Degrease or Wash An Engine or Part

Whether you’re a radiator shop or manufacturer degreasing or part cleaning can be a critical and time consuming part of your work. Being able to do it rapidly and effectively can help you improve your production which helps you earn more as a manufacturer.  Will cover a fast and efficient way to degrease an engine or wash a part.

Common ways that engines are degreased or Parts are Washed

Common options to degrease engines or wash parts when not using a wash system are relatively basic. It often involves using a poison sprayer or a similar solution to be able to spray down the engine or part. However, this can have a variety of drawbacks. First is that it can be slow a poison sprayer doesn’t release a lot of material making it tedious to clean a large engine or part. Second is that it may not clean thoroughly, being that a poison sprayer doesn’t supply a high volume of material.

A Faster more Efficient way To Degrease Engines and Wash Parts

If you want a faster way to be able to clean parts or wash an engine you can consider a 140B Engine Cleaning Gun By Binks. This gun lets you siphon material out of a holding tank of your choice whether it’s a 5 gallon bucket or a 55 gallon drum. The unit supplies a steady stream of material allowing you to quickly and efficiently clean off an engine or a part. It is $175.00 and durable.

So if you are degreasing using a tank sprayer or a similar solution you should consider an engine cleaning spray gun which will allow you to quickly and easily clean your parts or engines from grease giving your more time to work on the things that matter.

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