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Recovery vs Non Recovery Powder Booths – A Complete Guide

When it comes to powder coating there are two primary types of powder coating booths that you can use a recovery and non recovery powder coating booth. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. The goal of this article is to help you understand those benefits and drawbacks so you can decide which type is best for your work.

Non Recovery Powder Coating Booths

A non recovery powder booth contains standard filters that are designed to collect powder as you work and after the filters have become filled you replace them. A non recovery powder booth is typically a lower initial cost than a recovery powder coating booth. However, you lose out on the opportunity to reuse your powder coating easily. Not being able to recover powder coating can result in increased powder costs for powder coating. However, if you routinely change colors or powder types typically recovery is not an easy task anyway. While the option to dedide on a non recovery or recovery booth is up to you, typically if you have frequent color or powder coating type changes, a non recovery booth is the common route to consider.

Recovery Powder Coating Booths

In contrast to a non recovery powder coating booth, a recovery powder coating booth is designed to be able to easily collect powder as it is used. This often is accomplished through a collection system driven by a dust collector or a module that is inserted and removed from the powder booth. The dust collection designs are common for large powder coating lines with automated conveyors while the module design is more common for individual powder coating booths (like that pictured below). Recovering Powder Coating is helpful because it keeps powder coating costs down significantly. The initial additional cost can often be about twice as much as a non recovery booth but the potential powder coating savings is a significant benefit. The main challenge with a module type powder recovery booth is that changing colors or powders can be challenging. However, you can add additional modules and change them in and out as you need to change powders but this adds an additional expense to the cost of the system. Ultimately if you have a relative limited number of powder colors or types you work with and do a higher volume of powder coating work, a recovery powder coating booth is usually the best route to consider.

Quick Version

Non Recovery Powder Booths

– Best for small volumes, frequent color or powder changes like job shops and custom powder coaters

– Initial equipment cost is less but more expensive long term when you consider the cost of potential powder coating savings that you lose out on

Recovery Powder Coating Booths

– Best for production with same color or powders and minimal changes of powder being used; can be incorporated into a large powder line or a  standard powder coating booth

– Initial cost is higher but can reduce powder costs significantly

While a variety of factors will contribute to your profitability as a powder coater, one important contributing factor will be how much powder you use. While there are a variety of options available to cut down on powder use including having the best nozzle size and working with a good powder coating outfit, recovering the powder you use is one of the quickest ways to reduce your costs as a powder coater.

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