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Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun Review (Includes Video)

When you’re a powder coating shop who needs a powder coating gun there are a variety of choices on the market from top of the line units like Wagner, Gema, and Nordson to low cost options that cost $100 or less. The Red line EZ 100 powder coating gun is a mid priced powder coating gun and for its price is quite versatile.  This review of the Red Line EZ 100 powder coating gun will help you decide if it will be a good solution for your powder coating needs.

Red Line EZ 100 Overview & Pros

The Red Line EZ 100 offers 100 KVs of electrical current along with a knob to adjust powder to air mix and to adjust how many kilovolts are applied to your powder coating. Kilovolts (kv’s) are commonly needed for two primary uses.  First, high kv’s allow for better wrapping of powder, which helps to reduce powder waste. Second, when you are doing multiple coats of powder coating you will usually apply the first coat of powder coating with the highest possible kilovolt setting and each subsequent coat you reduce the kilovolts so that you do not have a problem known as back ionization. You can learn more on applying multiple coats of powder in this guide.

The powder is gravity fed to the gun and the gun uses small cups, two come with the unit and additional cups are only a few dollars each. The small cups and gravity feed design enable quick and easy change outs of colors. The high KV setting allows for better wrap and less powder waste as well as makes multi coat applications easier. The unit is shipped with a few different nozzles, a powder adapter (as it is made in India so a powder adapter is needed), the powder gun, and two cups.

Redline EZ 100 Drawbacks

While the Redline offers quick changes of coatings, a high kv output to minimize powder waste, and a fair amount of adjustability there are some potential drawbacks for the unit. First, there are minimal rebuild parts available. While the gun is well built, over time if major parts go bad like a electrical cascade you will need to replace the entire unit. Additionally, the unit doesn’t allow for independent control of kvs and microamps which having independent control of these two factors can provide even better control applying multiple coats and similar challenging powder coating jobs.

Red line EZ 100 Summary

Overall the Red line EZ 100 is a great unit as it offers high kv output for limited powder waste and the ability to apply multiple coats. When compared to the Red Line EZ 50 you get greater powder wrap and greater flexibility for multiple coats for only an additional $125.00. However, it offers a few less features than a full top of the line box or hopper feed unit like those offered by Wagner and others.  We think the Red line EZ 100 is a perfect option for a frequent hobbyist, small batch work, and routine touch up work. For non-stop industrial production a higher end unit like the Wagner Sprint Unit may be better suited for high volume work. You can also see our review of the Red Line EZ 50 and the Wagner Sprint Unit to better see which powder unit may be best for your powder coating needs.  You can purchase the Red Line EZ 100 here.

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