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Sandblasting Cars – A Complete Guide

Sandblasting is a fast efficient way to remove rust or paint which makes it a viable option to clean cars that have rusted or need repainted. However sandblasting cars can be tricky because there are a variety of factors that must be considered so that you do not harm the car during the sandblasting process. This guide will provide practical tips on how you can be more likely to be able to successfully sandblast a car.

First step to Sandblasting Cars – Choose a Sandblast media

Sandblasting cars requires special consideration when choosing a sandblast media, the type of blast media will depend on what part of the car you intend to sandblast and how often you plan on sandblasting cars. The underbody of a car can usually be blasted with a variety of blast media as it is steel, the tricky part of a car to sandblast is the body itself which is often made of thinner material and can warp or be damaged if proper consideration is not given when sandblasting. Effective blast medias that can be used on all parts of a car include fine grit crushed glass or baking soda. Between the two baking soda will often require less precise control of pressures and other factors whether you use baking soda or crushed glass though, you also have to be sure to properly set pressure while blasting and protect at risk areas of the car.

Second step – Protect fragile areas of the car from sandblast media damage

When sandblasting a car the windows can be damaged due to the pressure or impact of st media to prevent these issues you need to protect the glass. It can be challenging properly protecting the windows but critical tips include keeping the sandblast nozzle from being pointed near the window and covering the window with protective layers, one option that can work is a thick rubber lining like which is sometimes used for roof coverings this would have to be properly secured to ensure it stays in place and protects from any blast media impacting the glass.

Third Step for Sandblasting Cars – Adjust Blast Pressure Settings

After selecting your sandblast media you will want to begin to set your sandblast pot. The key with air pressure when sandblasting a car is to be sure to start with low pressure and gradually increase. This is particularly important on the hood and panels where high pressure could warp or harm the panel. Often with crushed glass pressure will not need to be above 25 – 35 psi to effectively remove extra paint. If you think you need higher pressure you will want to be sure to test the settings on a scrap piece of metal that is similar in size to the car panel so you can be sure that it will  not warp the car panel.

Fourth Step for Sandblasting Cars – Avoid excessive heat from blast media friction

In addition to properly masking the car, being cautious with pressure settings, and the blast media you use, you need to also be mindful of the amount of heat that abrasive can cause due to the friction of media hitting the car's surface.  Excessive friction and heat can increase the likelihood of warping a panel. To address this issue you can consider adding a vapor blast attachment which injects water into the blast media, this will reduce the friction of the blast media and can also help soften abrasive impact with the cars surface. Vapor blasting is not absolutely necessary but can make blasting cars a bit easier. In addition to considering a wet blast attachment, you also want to be aware of your technique while blasting, specifically for blasting cars you do not want to allow the abrasive to stay aimed at a given area for long, you want to allow blasting only long enough to remove the paint before continuing along the products surfaces .

Final Thoughts

Sandblasting cars requires careful evaluation of the abrasive blast media you use, the pressure you blast at, proper protection of the cars fragile areas, and being aware of your blasting technique being sure to move relatively fast and considering a vapor blast attachment to minimize friction from your abrasive blasting. By being aware and having a plan to address these potential problems ahead of time, you can better ensure success when you go to sandblast a car. You can do your own services for your cars or bikes by painting and some other fittings and saving your money but here is my suggestion, if there is any issue in motor kindly visit the workshop for electric motor service to look on it. 

Equipment Choices for Sandblasting Cars

Soda Blast Pot – Wet or Dry (Wet for reduced Friction)

Clemco Classic Sandblast Pot with Crushed Glass

Optional Wet Blast Attachment

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