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Save Money on your Spray Booth Operation

Electricity is not that expensive but over time every little bit adds up. That is why it is important to always consider ways to reduce your electric bill. One often overlooked area for improvement of electric costs is your spray booth. A booth can have 0 to almost any number of lights and each is a source of electric use. Booths come by default with standard T8 bulbs which are 30 percent less efficient than LED bulbs. If you run a booth 16 hours a day 7 days a week 360 days a year this adds up significantly (about a 168 dollars a year in electric savings alone). Additionally, a quality LED bulb lasts about 50,000 hours vs 20,000 for a regular T8 bulb. This saves both time and money as the bulb will last longer saving time on bulb replacement as well as on cost of continually replacing bulbs. To best evaluate whether switching to LED bulbs could save you significantly check out this free calculator here.

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