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Simple Steps To Avoid Large Errors in Automated Spray Systems

  1. Develop an unsophisticated low cost model that will mimic the actual fully automated line
    • If you are going to have a fully automated factory line it is always worth putting money into a small scale model so that you can avoid large mistakes when you automate. This doesn’t have to be complex it can be as simple as a fixed spray gun with a manual operator mimicking the automation of a mechanized line, this may not get you the exact outcome that is your goal but it will let you see if your idea is feasible in an automated line
  2. Establish standard operating procedures
    • Within SOP’s you should include details such as the spray guns side port control setting, fluid and atomizing air pressure settings, as well as automated line settings (how many parts per minute, speed ect).  You should also ensure that all other equipment details are recorded your fluid nozzle, spray gun type, fluid needle type, date of service start, last routine review of equipment. All of these things ensure the process will be repeatable regardless of who is setting up the equipment day in and day out
  3. Establish maintenance procedures
    • Maintaining your spray equipment is critical if you want it to perform to a desired level. Spray guns require routine cleaning done in the proper way. If you do not clean your guns you will end up with damaged nozzles or guns themselves. Additionally, you should have a routine time to remove guns from your spray line to test for proper performance. Things to look for include a uniform spray pattern, no fluid dripping from the gun body, and air leaks. If these issues are present you need to repair the spray gun

By following these principles you can help make it more likely that you will be able to run a spray line effectively with minimal down time and maximum effectiveness

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