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How to size the Airline that Feeds Your Blast Pot

Why does The Size of Your Air Supply Hose Matter

When it comes to sandblasting the volume of air you have available is critical in determining the size of blast nozzle you can utilize. The size of your blast nozzle, the pressure at which you sandblast, and the sandblast media you use are the three most significant drivers of the rate at which you can sandblast. For an idea of just how fast you can blast per hour based on the nozzle size, air line size, and air pressure check out this resource. To be able to effectively blast at a given volume of air you must have the ability to sufficiently supply the blast pot with that air, if you choose to small of a supply line for your sandblast pot you can experience issues including the pot not being able to pressurize as well as a reduction in productivity. Additionally the smaller the air line you use the more your production will drop due to a loss in air pressure, for an idea of what to expect in loss of production based on air line size see this chart.

How you should size the supply hose for your sandblast pot

The size of supply hose you will use for your sandblast pot will be based on the size of the nozzle you want to use with your blast hose. The size of your airline hose for your sandblast pot should be 4 times the size of your largest sandblast nozzle. For a reference chart that shows the internal diameter for a variety of sandblast nozzles as well as the air consumed you can reference this chart.  From there make sure your supply hose is atleast 4 times bigger, the bigger the line the better is always the rule.

Conclusion/ Summary

  • The size of your air line feeding your sandblast pot is important factor in determining the volume and pressure of air you are able to consistently feed your sandblast pot
  • The volume, pressure, and blast media being used are the three key determinants of sandblasting speed
  • If you choose to small of an airline for a sandblast pot you can experience issues with your pot pressurizing and reduction in your production
  • When possible always feed your sandblast pot with the largest sized air line.

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