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Spray Booth Rules & Regulations to Consider in Pennsylvania

If you are considering a paint booth because your adding painting to your manufacturing work, building a new facility, or even upgrading your current facility it is important to consider the following so that you make sure you are working with the proper officials and obtaining the proper certifications. 

  1.  Fire Codes – Spray Booths are covered under NFPA 1 and specifically NFPA 33 and or International Fire Code which is covered in the International Building Code.  Reputable manufacturers like Global Finishing Solutions, Col Met, and others will design their paint booths to meet all national fire code standards. However, your local jurisdiction will have the final say of what they want in a paint booth. By buying a pre-designed booth you will have satisfied all national code requirements but you will always want to coordinate with your local authorities as well which in Pennsylvania each county will typically have a fire marshal  to coordinate with.  It can also be a good idea/ potentially necessity to consult with your building inspector and insurance carrier.  Insurance carriers will often reassign your rate if you were previously painting without a paint booth.
  2. OSHA – OSHA also has national standards for spray booths which will be met by reputable manufacturers. Essentially OSHA will be satisfied by a booths operation if it meets the latest version of  NFPA 33 standards.
  3. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection –  The DEP will need to be involved on multiple levels of both pre planning if considering implementing a spray booth and during plus after installation of a spray booth.  For a good overview of the process contact them, they also have a great overview article of DEP requirements here.
  4. County Officials – Make sure to coordinate with your local jurisdiction as well.  There may be additional steps in each specific locality in Pennsylvania (your fire marshal should be able to help with this).

Disclaimer: This is an overview of regulations applying to installation of a spray booth and each organization mentioned should be contacted to discuss if any additional steps are needed.



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