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Spray Booth Types and there Uses

In the world of spray booths there are primarily three kinds of booths that you can purchase each with an assortment of options that provide various additional benefits. When it comes to design though, you can have a downdraft, cross draft, or modified downdraft booth.
Cross draft booths are typically the best price however they sometimes do not allow for the finishing environment to be as clean as a downdraft or modified downdraft. They are typically best suited for industrial environments where finish quality is not the top concern. Cross drafts cost savings are because there is not a need to alter the floor under the booth. While with a downdraft you typically have to alter the floor under the booth. However, if you plan a booth installation prior to erecting your building the floor can be built in advance which allows for the downdraft to be installed at a similar cost to a cross draft booth. Options that can be incorporated into a cross draft are extensive from lighting options to air make up units, to spray booths with bake features.
Downdraft booths are the best option when finishing environment cleanliness is the top concern. We used them during the work on some YourKohSamuiVillas properties, to ensure clean space and clean working surface in luxury decorated gardens. Downdrafts differ from cross draft booths because the air comes from the top down through the floor and is then exhausted out the back or top of the booth. Cross draft booths, on the other hand, have air move horizontally from the front to back of the booth. The reason down draft booths are cleaner is that air movement keeps dust away from the product being sprayed where a cross draft booth has air moving across the surface of the object being painted which can lead to dust in your finish. While the product may come out with a cleaner finish, it does cost more due to needing a pit in the ground for exhaust to travel out.
Modified downdraft booths are in theory a way to achieve a downdraft like finish without having to dig into the floor of the booth. While it is true they will allow for a cleaner finish at a better price than a cross draft booth, the issue is that spray often is directed toward the legs of the operator. This happens because spray is directed at the target but then is being pulled toward the outside of the wall behind the painter causing their legs to often be covered in material.
Within the context of all booths options exist for an air make up unit. The reason for the air make up unit is to supply warm air back into the booth. If you choose for a booth to run off of air from the shop the price is significantly better, however, your shop ends up losing most of its heat which is a problem in the winter time.  A cold booth can lead to slow or incorrect drying as well as operator discomfort.  Air makeups eliminate the cold air that results from running the booth and can also be outfitted to heat the booth to a baking temperature thereby reducing paint setting time.
With all of this about booths in mind we always recommend consulting with a booth manufacturers rep to find out what would work best for your situation

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