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Steps to Take Before Painting Any Surface

While we have covered basic steps in preparing wood or steel surfaces to be able to have paint adhere well there is still one critical step left, getting the surface ready just prior to painting. This is a critical step because any dirt or impurities on the surface of your product's surface can show through in your finish.

To reduce issues prior to painting a surface a few key things should be done.

First, you should review your product data sheets to evaluate the recommended temperature and condition of the substrate during application. If the product you are painting is excessively cold you can have issues with the coating adhering due to frozen moisture, paint thickening making it hard to apply the paint, and more. See below for an example of surface temperature suggestions.

Second, you should review the data sheets for how the surface should have been prepared for the coating you will apply.  Technical data sheets will suggest a recommended preparation method and standard.  You will want to ensure you have prepped the surface in accordance with the proper standard.  The sandblast training covers a few ways to verify a surface profile.  See below for surface preparation suggestions that are contained in a technical data sheet.

Third, just prior to painting you will want to make sure the surface to be painted is free of all contaminants like dust and oil. This will typically be accomplished by one of a variety of methods which could include blowing the product off with air or wiping the product down with a lint free rag, and/or using a proper cleaning agent like a solvent to be sure the surface is free from any contaminants.

After you have made sure the surface is clean you can go ahead and begin painting the surface.

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