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The Best Line Stripers for Any Project and Budget

Line Stripers can be used for a variety of projects. From creating new lines on a sports field, refreshing lines for parking lots, painting lines for airports and many other applications for which a line striper may be needed. Understanding which type of line striper will best suit your project type is really important. Today, we are going to share which stripers are ideal for different line striping projects you may have.  You can check out the infographic or read on for specific details.  Remember you can typically use a larger striper for small projects as well.
Typical Application
Model Graco Field Lazer S 90 Graco Field Lazer S 100 Titan Powrliner 550 Titan Powrliner 850 Graco Linelazer ES 1000 Graco Linelazer ES 2000
Model Number 24N950 248942 290004 290005 25M226 25N550
Price $1,259.00 $2,579.00 $1,491.67 $1,550.00 $6,169.00 $9,499.00
Gun 1 1 1 1 2 2
Max Tip Size 0.017 0.023 0.019 0.021 0.025 0.033
Power 12V Maintenance-Free Battery Honda GX35 37,7 cm³
4-Stroke Engine
37,7 cm³
4-Stroke Engine
12V Maintenance-Free Battery On-board 120V Inverter/Charger
Gallons per Minute 0.11 GPM 0.5 GPM .33 GPM .33 GPM 0.6 GPM 1.1 GPM
Tip Type Graco RAC Graco RAC Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips
Weight (lbs) 60 80 70 84 340 430
Model Graco Linelazer 3900 Graco Linelazer 5900 Titan Powrliner 3500 Titan Powrliner 850 Titan Powrliner 2850 Graco Linelazer ES 1000 Graco Linelazer ES 2000 Airlessco Sure Stripe 3350 Graco Linelazer 3400
Model Number 17H450 17H455 537015 290005 290009 25M226 25N550 25M231 17U799
Price $8,049.00 $9,699.00 $4,145.00 $1,550.00 $4,675.00 $6,169.00 $9,499.00 $4,079.00 $6,139.00
Gun 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1
Max Tip Size 0.025 0.029 0.027 0.021 0.019 0.025 0.033 0.027 0.027
Power Honda GX120 Honda GX120 Honda GX120 37,7 cm³
4-Stroke Engine
118 cc Honda® OHV Engine 12V Maintenance-Free Battery On-board 120V Inverter/Charger 5.5 HP Vanguard Honda GX120
Gallons per Minute 1.25 GPM 1.60 GPM 0.75 GPM .33 GPM 0.92 GPM 0.6 GPM 1.1 GPM 0.075 0.75 GPM
Tip Type Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips
Weight (lbs) 230 250 192 84 185 340 430 168 160
Model Titan Powrliner 2850 Titan Powrliner 4955 Titan Powrliner 6955 Titan Powrliner 8955 Graco Linelazer 3900 Graco Linelazer 5900 Graco Linelazer 130 HS Airlessco Sure Stripe 4350
Model Number 290009 290052 290053 290054 17H450 17H455 17H448 25M234
Price $4,675.00 $9,666.67 $10,833.33 $12,000.00 $8,049.00 $9,699.00 $7,449.00 $7,129.00
Gun 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max Tip Size 0.019 0.028 0.026 0.038 0.025 0.029 0.029 .025 2 gun
Power 118 cc Honda® OHV Engine 118 cc Honda® OHV Engine 163cc Honda® OHV Engine w/Electric Start Honda GX200 (6.5hp) with Low Oil Alert (Electric Start) Honda GX120 Honda GX120 Honda GX120 5.5 HP Vanguard
Gallons per Minute 0.92 GPM 1.10 GPM 2.25 GPM 2.5 GPM 1.25 GPM 1.60 GPM 1.30 GPM 1.25 GPM
Tip Type Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Titan TR 1 Tip Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips
Weight (lbs) 185 370 370 370 230 250 250 183
Model Graco Linelazer 200 HS Graco Linelazer 250 SPS Graco Linelazer V 250 DC
Model Number 17H461 17H467 17H471
Price $10,599.00 $19,709.00 $24,329.00
Gun 2 2 2
Max Tip Size 0.034 0.039 0.039
Power Honda GX200 Honda GX390 Honda GX390
Gallons per Minute 2.15 GPM 2.50 GPM 2.50 GPM
Tip Type Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips
Weight (lbs) 300 400 400
Model Graco ThermoLazer 200 TC Graco Thermolazer 300 TC Graco Thermolazer ProMelt
Model Number 24U282 258699 24H623
Hopper Size (lbs) 200 300 300
Melt Time for 300 lb Thermoplastic 4.5 hrs 4-4.5 hrs Less than 1hr
Temperature Up to 450 Deg. F N/A 475 Degree F. Switch
Maximum Working Pressure (psi) 250 PSI 250 PSI 250 PSI
Bead Hopper Capacity (lbs) 40 90 90
Weight (lbs) 260 295 350

Line Stripers for Striping Athletic Fields

Whether it’s a football field, soccer field, or baseball diamond, a line striper is a quick and effective way to create new lines or refresh existing lines so that the players have ideal visibility. In general, striping a field has relatively low volume use for a line striper and so the options below can make great sense.

Graco Field Lazer S 90
The Field Lazer S 90 is battery powered which makes it a good option for indoor fields where a gas engine would create carbon monoxide. It is able to do 1 football field or up to 10 soccer fields on a single charge and the max tip size is a 17 thousand tips. This is a good solution for indoor sports field marking or outdoor marking.

Graco Field Lazer S 100
The Field Lazer S100 is gas powered and supports up to 21 thousand tips. If you have a large number of outdoor fields to maintain, this unit will meet the need well. The large tip size will allow the pump to last for a long work time without trouble.

Titan Powrliner 550
The Powrliner 550 is a gas-powered airless striper that can do both fields or small parking lots. It can support up to a 19 thousands tip. 

Titan Powrliner 850
The 850 is the bigger cousin to the 550. This unit is better to handle standard athletic fields up to small parking lots. If you’re a school or municipality, this can be a great option. 

Graco Linelazer ES 1000
This all electric unit is suitable for both fields and parking lots, being electric powered, it can be used indoors. It can spray about 20 gallons on a single battery or with the 2-battery design which can spray about 60 gallons.

Graco Linelazer ES 2000
An electric striper with support of up to 2 guns. This can be used for double lined parking lots or fields, both inside and outside.

Line Stripers for Parking Lots

Another common line striping project is re-painting or laying down new lines for a parking lot. There are a variety of stripers that will perform this work well. A few key factors will be to decide if you want double lines in the lot or single lines. If you want double lines you will want to consider a two-gun line striper. Two-gun line stripers come as two automatic, 1 automatic 1 manual, or 2 manual guns. If you will need a regular pattern for your second line, 2 automatic gun setups will be ideal because they allow the second line to be automatically started rather than manually having to trigger the gun all the time. Two automatic guns can also be used with a manual trigger for both guns making it the most versatile for two gun setups.

Small to Medium Parking Lot Stripers

Many small to medium parking lots will only need a single gun on the striper. The units below will work well for small to medium parking lots.

Graco Linelazer 3900
The 3900 is ideal for small to medium jobs. If you will need skip lines or wide pattern lines you can go with the two-gun setup to allow larger line creation.

Graco Linelazer 5900
The 5900 is a larger pump version of the 3900. This makes it ideal if you are planning on long daily use times as the larger pump will improve the longevity of the pump's performance.

Titan Powrliner 3500
This single gun line striper can be perfect for frequent parking lot striping work that requires a single gun. It uses a high-pressure diaphragm pump design which is a bit unique in the line striper market. The pump has a lifetime warranty with the exception of the ball and seat components. It is well suited for small to medium jobs where a single gun striper will be effective.

Titan Powrliner 850
This unit is fit for small jobs mostly. This unit is better to handle standard athletic fields up to small parking lots. If you’re a school or municipality, this can be a great option.

Titan Powrliner 2850
The Titan Powrliner 2850 is offered in single or dual gun options making it well suited for small to medium projects where dual lines may be required or larger single width lines.

Electric Line Stripers for Small to Medium Lots and Projects

Maybe you have a parking lot but also have indoor striping that you will have to do, or are working in areas where a gas striper would be problematic. Then you can consider the following parking lot capable electric powered line stripers.

Graco Linelazer ES 1000
The Linelazer ES 1000 is perfect for small to medium parking lots and even indoor striping projects. The single battery version will last about 20 gallons while the 2-battery edition will allow about 60 gallons of spraying.

Graco Linelazer ES 2000
The Graco Linelazer ES 2000 is electric powered and allows the option of 2 guns making it well suited for parking lots where a double stripe may be required.

Large Parking Lot Stripers

When it comes to larger parking lots you will want to have the option of a dual gun unit.

Titan Powrliner 2850
With the option of two guns this unit will work well for slightly larger projects. 

Titan Powrliner 4950
The Titan Powrliner 4950 offers a hydraulic pump which makes it ideal for large projects that don’t require pressurized beads. It also offers the option of 2 guns.

Titan Powrliner 6950
The 6950 is a step up from the 4950 which makes it well suited for large projects. It offers a 2.25 GPM pump.

Titan Powrliner 8950
The Titan Powrliner 8950 is a large-scale striper with a 2.5 GPM hydraulic pump. The large hydraulic pump makes it well suited for large scale projects that don’t need pressurized beads.

Graco Linelazer 3900
While this will be best for medium to occasional large jobs and for frequent large job needs, you could try the Graco Linelazer 5900 as the larger pump will hold up best to long frequent use.

Graco Linelazer 5900
The Linelazer 5900 will support 2 guns and has a larger GPM pump making it ideal for larger parking lots.

Graco Linelazer 130 HS
The 130 HS striper is hydraulic rather than clutch driven which results in greater performance and longer pump life between any maintenance. The 130 HS is a good option for large scale parking lots due to the hydraulic pump design.

Airport Striping / Large Parking Lots/ Small Roadways/Municipalities

For airports, the paint that is applied generally will require pressure inserted beads. Pressure beads require hydraulic sprayers so the following units would allow for pressure bead systems. If you require thermoplastic lines you will need a thermoplastic line striper. If the airport doesn’t require pressurized beads or thermoplastic you can consider the stripers for large parking lots as options as well.

Graco Linelazer 200 HS
The 200 HS series comes with the option of a pre installed bead system making it ideal for airport markings that don’t require thermoplastic paint.

Graco Linelazer 250 SPS
The 250 SPS series is a ride on hydraulic line striper with optional bead kit. The ride on design makes it convenient for long stripe projects, like run ways and large parking lots. This makes the Linelazer 250 SPS a good solution for airports and even small roads.

Graco Linelazer V 250 DC
The Linelazer V 250 DC is similar to the SPS as it is also a large-scale ride on line striper, but offers the option to stripe with two different colors at the same time. It also includes the option of pressurized beads.This makes the 250 DC ideal for large parking lots, airport work, and even municipality projects.

Graco ThermoLazer 200 TC
If you require thermoplastic line marking paint such as airports, municipalities, and others that will take more time, then you need a Thermolazer unit. The 200 and 300 TC units both require pre melt units to prep the bead while the Promelt has an integrated melt kettle. The 200 holds 200 lbs of material.

Graco Thermolazer 300 TC
The Thermolazer 300 TC is similar to the 200 but holds 300 lbs material.

Graco Thermolazer ProMelt
The Graco Thermolazer ProMelt includes an onboard melt kettle eliminating the need for a separate unit to heat the thermoplastic. This makes it convenient and an all in one solution for projects that require thermoplastic paints.


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