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The Best Powder Coating Guns for Any Budget

Powder coaters vary greatly from hobbyist, to weekly hobbyist, to industrial conveyor powder coat shops, and more. With so much variety in the frequency, type, and extent of powder coating that is done there are also powder coating guns suitable for any budget. Our goal in this article is to provide an overview of the best powder coating guns to consider for any budget or business size so you can select a powder coating gun that will perform well for you powder coating needs.

Hobbyist Level Powder Coating Guns

There are a variety of powder coating guns for those who occasionally powder coat or even want to do a little powder coating work as a side project. For weekend warrior projects and hobbyist use, we would recommend either the Eastwood powder coating gun or the Chicago Electric Powder Coating Gun.  Between the two the Eastwood unit offers the option to adjust the KV’s you are working with. Higher KV’s allow for better wrap but can cause problems with corners.  Reducing KV’s can help with applying a second coat as well as dealing with corners. The option to be able to work at two different KV settings makes the Eastwood unit affordable but with a slight amount of adjustment available for tricky areas and for $120 you can’t go wrong with an option like the Eastwood powder coating gun for hobbyist and lighter use.

Heavy Hobbyist to Light Job Shop to Frequent Color Change Powder Coating Guns

For the hobbyist who will use their powder coating gun everyday to a small batch or smaller powder coating job shop owner who wants a reliable, adjustable piece of equipment but doesn’t want to spend $4000 dollars or more then an option like the Red line EZ 50 or EZ 100 is a great choice. The 50 unit offers up to 50 KV of power while the 100 unit offers 100 KVs of power (equivalent to expensive units like those offered by Wagner). Both Red line units offer the ability to adjust KV’s but do not have the extra level of adjustment that the high end industrial units have which allow for independent adjustment of kv’s, microamps, powder to air ratios, and more. For quick color changes and for good results that won’t break the budget the Red line EZ 50 and EZ 100 are a perfect powder coating gun.


Top of the Line Industrial Powder Coating Gun Outfits

If the absolute best performance or heavy use is what you will need your powder coating gun for, then you will want to consider a high end industrial powder coating gun. There are a variety of options from Wagner to Nordson and more.  Units at this price range will offer similar feature sets like the ability to control kv’s and microamps independently, separate control of powder to air ratios, and auto adjustment of kv’s and microamps to overcome grounding problems. We think that Wagner is a great option because it contains all the needed features but is priced at $4250 which is below most of the other industrial units out their. You can also get a hopper feed version if finish quality is the top concern for $ 4700. Between the features that are offered, hopper or box feed design, and pricing the Wagner unit offers a great value for a top of the line industrial powder coating outfit.


Ultimately selecting a powder coating gun will depend on what your work needs are. By understanding the different quality levels of powder coating guns available and their prices, you can better determine which may be the best powder coating gun for you and your budget.

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