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The importance of Air to Finishing Processes

Air is critical for many reasons in finishing. First, it atomizes material (also known as breaking it up into small components). This allows for a finish to be applied correctly. Second, it can become the bottleneck in your finishing line. This is because without the proper amount of air a spray gun will not run properly or may not run at all. So if you are having issues where a gun will not spray continuously or if the gun seems to not spray consistently, check your air supply. Check the line of air supplying your equipment for leaks, for compressor malfunction, and also the compressor to see if it is providing enough air for all your air powered equipment.  Finally check the length of air hose, with longer hose air supply will drop over the length of the line and can often cause pressure to decrease to the point where it is not enough for the gun. So if you know your spray gun is not broken the next step is always to check air, without the right amount at the right pressure your equipment and quality of finish suffers.

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