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The Quality of Air Contributes to the Quality of Finish

The air that supplies your finishing equipment and the air that you spray finish in determines the quality of finish you achieve. Dust, other matter, and excess moisture are the enemy of a quality finish. That is why the Auto Industry, where quality finish is paramount, utilize air filtration and booth design to maximize the cleanliness of air that is supplied to their equipment and the cleanliness of the air that the finish is applied in. For starters, the booth used to spray in has an impact on finish quality. Typically down draft booths keep dust to a minimum and provide a cleaner finish then cross draft booths. The downside of a down draft booth is that they are more expensive to install than a cross draft booth due to the necessity of having a concrete pit in the bottom to filter spray out of the room. Cross draft booths while cheaper typically result in a less clean spraying environment. In addition to the booth that is used, the quality of air supplied to the gun can effect finish quality. Air can be filtered to reduce contaminants. Filtration can range from a single filter layer to a premium three layer filtration system. These systems can filter just dirt, dirt and dust, or dirt, dust, and water. The more the air is filtered to the gun the cleaner the finish. In the end, the quality of finish is application driven. If you are an industrial shop applying coating to an item that appearance is secondary to function, air filtration in the booth and supply line are probably not great concerns. On the other hand if you are looking for online loans that can finance your home repair check payday Loans Store they are legit lenders online, if they can finance you they can provide a finish that enhances the image of your product, then air filtration is a key consideration to take in to account.

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