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The Various Differences in Spray Gun Prices, Why they Exist

Spray Guns can vary significantly in cost from 20 dollars at your local Harbor Freight to 800 dollars or more for top of the line models. Knowing that it is important to consider why their are differences in price and what considerations you should make when thinking about purchasing a spray gun.

Price differences exist primarily due to a combination of factors. One being the quality of the guns components and two being the quality of the guns finish. Many guns are designed to simply be thrown away when things go bad or are priced so that to repair the gun is every bit of costly as repairing the gun. So when you purchase a spray gun make sure to look into how available repair parts are and how costly they are in relation to the purchase price of the gun brand new. You should also check to see how much is repairable. Certain guns will allow you to fix very basic issues but will not replace key parts resulting in a gun that essentially becomes throw away. In addition to being repairable you should ask about how the gun is machined for example does it have a tapered fluid needle, this allows for a precision trigger pull that allows for a varied fan based on the pull of the trigger. Or what components are the fluid chamber assembled of, is it made of something that is rust resistant. This kind of questions will allow you to evaluate your purchase for example while a 200 dollar gun might seem like the best purchase what if it is not repairable or if it doesn’t maintain the same spray quality over the long term what ends up happening is you buy a new gun every 6 months instead of purchasing what seems to be a pricier gun on the front end that will last through use better and is repairable when something breaks. Additionally, it is important to consider the transfer efficiency of the spray gun, this is a term that refers to how much of the paint that leaves the nozzle ends up on the object being painted. The importance of this is that it is important to help keep paint waste to a minimum. While certain models of guns have better transfer efficiency then others (HVLP is more efficient than conventional) within classes of guns efficiency can vary based on the control the gun provides through adjustments like fan width or trigger sensitivity. With so much to consider it is always a good idea to talk to a paint equipment professional to get up to date information about spray gun solutions and what will work for your needs.

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