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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Spray Equipment

Maybe you are undertaking a new project in your finishing area or your new to finishing and looking at purchasing equipment. Before you go out and purchase the first spray gun that you see consider the following. I also suggest you, after finishing your spray works make sure you have the bay area cleaning services to clean your place and bring back the original.

  1. What are you spraying – When were helping a customer determine what set up will best meet their needs we look at two important pieces of information. One is the MSDS sheet and the second is the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). From these sheets, we can often see recommendations regarding precautions that should be taken as well as recommendations about spray set ups. Sometimes a TDS is not available and the best solution is consulting with a firm that specializes in coatings to conduct tests with a variety of set ups to find out what suits your needs best
  2. How fast and how much spray will you need – Specs for projects can vary greatly depending on your circumstances. Different amounts of coating, coating speed, and spray pattern are achieved through altering fluid nozzles, air caps, and in some situations fluid needle combinations.
  3. How much air do you have available – If you have limited air supply you will be hard pressed to have a variety of solutions. A minimum of 10 CFM is necssary for most applications.
  4. The quality of the solution – Spray guns quality vary and many do not allow for repair.  Additionally the quality of the spray is often dependent on the quality of the manufacturing. To best know how a gun will perform a demonstration of the gun is imperative.  Also if repairing a gun is a wish, you need to consider that.
  5. The type of finish- Different models of spray guns produce a different finish.  There are conventional spray guns, HVLP, LVMP, electrostatic, airless, and air assist airless spray guns. Each will come with its own positives and negatives with regards to finishing capability.

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