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Things to Consider When Choosing a Paint Booth Filter

Often times you look at the price of a spray booth filter and figure it is just a material to trap overspray. While catching overspray is their primary purpose, it is important to consider a few other factors when choosing a spray booth filter. Below is an overview of factors that are important to consider when choosing a booth filter that are often overlooked.

Operator downtime

A spray booth filter should come with a test sheet. These sheets should show the approximate amount of material that the booth filter is proposed to hold. The more material a filter will hold the longer it will last between filter changes. This allows for increased production as well as cost savings as operators are able to produce more product in a given time.

Disposal fees

Booth filters are often considered hazardous waste and require a disposal fee – cheap booth filters will be disposed of at a greater frequency than a filter with a greater media holding ability.The end result is a reduced rate for filter disposal.

Overspray containment

A quality filter will reduce the amount of overspray leaving your spray booth stacks; paint leaving a booth stack can cause overspray to paint cars in your factory’s lot or a residential neighborhood nearby which can be problematic.

Booth fan life Impact

If overspray is consistently moving past the fan of your spray booth overtime overspray will build up on the booth fan and can cause the booth fan to operate incorrectly, in the worst scenario this can cause your booth fan to fail completely.

When you purchase booth filters consider these factors to ensure you are choosing a filter that is truly the best price in the long term, sometimes it may be a low cost filter and other times not.

EPA Requirements

A final area to consider is if the filter meets EPA requirements for spray booth filters. 

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