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Top Apps for Paint Contractors

Having the right information available can help you paint faster and more effectively. From performing onsite cost estimations to getting critical information on your coating to getting paint equipment questions answered information can help you excel. By having the following apps you can ensure you have information that is critical in the palm of your hand, letting you be the best painter you can.

Color Visualization and Color Matching

Whether your trying to show a customer what a chosen color may provide or trying to match an existing color having color matching and visualization options can help. Here are a few great solutions.

Paint My Place – IOS

Paint my place is unique that it is not tied to any particular paint manufacturer.  However it allows you to take a photo of your home and then select colors.  This will let you visualize the final appearance of a painted home.

MyPantone Color App – IOS, Android 

Mypantone allows you to create color palletes from an existing photo or from a color selection. This can help you create unique color combinations that are aligned well with each other easily. You can also use the selected colors to show how they may appear on your given project.

Color Snap – IOS, Android, Web

Color Snap is an app that allows you to create color palettes and match them to photos on your phone.

Price Estimation

Painting Job Estimator – Android

Painting Job Estimator lets you enter details including room size, numbers of walls, and windows your painting plus the price you typically charge. The end result is it will provide you a price estimate based on your entries.

Paint Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool – IOS

The Paint Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool lets you create estimates based on inputs and even invoices within the app. It offers four ways to calculate labor as well as automatic calculating of the material required for your project.

Knowify – Web, IOS, Android

Knowify is a business and project management software that allows you to handle invoicing, estimation, time tracking, and even record keeping through its syncing with QuickBooks. Knowify has a web based and mobile based option as well as support for multiple users. It is a great solution for paint contractors.

FieldPulse – Online, Android, IOS

Fieldpulse integrates with Square to allow for mobile payments. It is also a full featured Solution offering invoicing, job scheduling, job assignment, status logging and more.

Equipment Answers

Titan Connector App  – IOS, Android

The Titan Connector App allows quick access to Titan manuals, sprayer recommendations, and checking compatibility of a sprayer with a given coating.

Paint Volume Estimators

Paint Calculator by Sherwin Williams

The paint calculator lets you enter windows, doors, and room size to get a quick estimate of how many gallons of product you may need (this is a rough estimate with certain assumptions being made)

Paint Calculator by the Paint Quality Institute

This paint calculator asks you to enter room size, openings, and the type of surface to provide an estimate of material you will need.

General Troubleshooting – Android, Web

Paint talk is a forum aimed at painters questions. Topics cover everything from equipment selection to work practices, questions are discussed among fellow professionals. The painttalk app lets you easily connect and find answers or have conversations with other professionals.

Ultimately we all know having the right tools can allows us to paint faster, cheaper, and more effectively. This list of tools should help you in a variety of the common challenges you face as a painter. How about you, do you have any favorite paint applications let us know!

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