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Top Blogs for Paint Contractors to Follow for Actionable Advice

Why Follow Blogs as a Paint Contractor?

If you are a paint contractor you may have a variety of tasks your trying to handle from bidding on new jobs, to ensuring you deliver a quality finish after the work is complete, and more. You often find yourself as a master of many different trades from marketing, to sales, too contracting professional. Keeping up with all the various aspects of your day can be busy. However to be the best you can be it is important to keep up with all the various roles you fill. These blogs will help you to be the best marketer, sales professional, and paint contractor you can be.

Paint Contractor Blogs

The Blogging Painters – The Online Resource for Paint Contractors

The Blogging painters seeks to advance the paint trade through helpful articles, paint contractor product reviews, and business tips.The Blogging painters covers information related to social media marketing, paint project tips, and more. You can also follow them on twitter where they post highlights from a variety of painters resources that are helpful Follow @BloggingPainter.


Paint Talk is a combination of both a forum and blogs.Topics addressed include paint project problems, equipment selection, surface preparation and finish, paint contractor business strategies and more. Painttalks forums are a great source for getting problems you have addressed. @PaintTalk

Contractor Talk

Contractor talk focuses on a variety of contractor related problems from carpentry, to architecture, to drywall, electrical, HVAC, and painting. Despite it wide appeal they have a dedicated section to painting and finish work with a great deal of detail on common issues.  @ContractorTalk

American Painting Contractors –  The American Painting Contractors is an online and print magazine focused on paint contractors. APC covers topics related to business advice for painters, sales advice, and application problems. The APC is a great resource to keep up to date with your painting business and practical tips. @PaintMag

The Painting and Decorating Contractors Association – The Painting and Decorating Contractors Association (PDCA) is a trade association focused on those involved in painting and decorating. They offer a variety of benefits to their members. They offer a variety of education opportunities including webinars, a podcast, and a contractors college. While not a blog per se there resources can be helpful for painters at all levels. @PDCANational

Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Blog – We offer a lot of actionable advice on paint equipment from spray guns to airless paint sprayers to paint booths to blast equipment and systems. We also seek to provide great information on the business of painting both for manufacturers, contractors, and wood workers alike. @pittsburghspray

KTA University – KTA Tator provides a ton of valuable information on coating failure, surface preparation, and coating application. They are experts at why coating failure occurs and provide a ton of actionable advice through there KTA University Page. @KTATatorInc

Overall these great resources will help you be an expert paint contractor and master everything from coating application to the business side of paint contracting.  How about you do you have any other resources you follow to keep up with your paint contracting work if so please share in the comments below!

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