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Top Paint Contractor Equipment Choices for 2018

Each day we speak with a variety of contractors and companies about their painting equipment needs. While many years there are consistent trends in popular contractor equipment for painting, each year also has certain equipment choices that are unique. Based on our experience, these are some of the most popular contractor equipment choices for 2018 as well as why they are popular right now.

The Graco FinishPro HVLP 9.5 Pro and Pro Complete

The Graco FinishPro units are HVLP Turbine sprayers.  HVLP Turbines are ideal if you do not have a compressor and want to spray with the higher efficiency of HVLP or if you will be performing your work in the field and want great paint break up and high transfer efficiency than an HVLP turbine is a great option. The FinishPro is offered in a 3, 4 or 5 stage option (known as the Finishpro 7,9 and 9.5 models). To understand hvlp turbine stages our guide here provides more details. Each model is offered as standard, or pro contractor, and the 9.5 series is also offered in a pro complete option which includes a 2 quart pressure cup. The differences between the standard and pro contractor unit are the pro contractor unit has an upgraded air filter, automatic turbine shutoff to prevent the turbine from overheating, and a few extra features to allow for better air control. The unit asked about and purchased the most is the FinishPro 9.5 pro and pro complete seriesThe reason this is the most popular is because it has 5 stages making it hold up well to frequent use and for those who want a true pressure cup the pro complete setup offers a 2 quart pressure cup that is independently controlled. Overall the Graco turbine sprayers are popular because the cup allows material to be sprayed in any direction and the turbine unit is top notch.

Electric Airless Sprayers

Electric airless paint sprayers have always been a go to tool of choice for paint contractors. Within the electric airless sprayer market two of the most popular brands include Titan and Graco. Popular model choices include the Impact 440 and Graco 495 as well as Graco 695. The Impact 440 and 495 are good for light to medium contractor use, for up to 50 gallons of paint sprayed a week. Typically contractors like to choose a hi boy configuration or a skid version. The difference between the two is that hi boy airless allows easy placement of a 5 gallon bucket underneath, while the skid sits on the ground essentially. The difference between the smaller units like a 440 and the larger sprayers is that the larger pumps can handle more work and pump more material. This allows you to have two painters using a single Graco 695 or if only being used by a single painter allows for a longer time using the sprayer before you would have to perform any repair on it, meaning it is better for more frequent use like 150 gallons per week or more.

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Multi Spec Outfits and Pressure Pot Sprayers

Multi spec coatings, often known as zolatone seem to be regaining popularity as a commercial coating. Zolatone requires specific equipment to spray well as it tends to be intentionally splattered when sprayed. Multi Spec Coatings are typically sprayed with a 2 gallon pressure pot and internal mix conventional spray gun like the 98C-359 outfit which contains everything except compressed air that you need to spray multi spec coatings.

Package includes 2.8 Gallon ASME pressure tank for solvent based coatings

Fine Finish Low Pressure Airless Tips

While this is not necessarily a full piece of equipment it is an accessory that is gaining a lot of traction among paint contracts, especially those who want to achieve finer finishes similar to HVLP but do not want to use HVLP.  Fine Finish airless tips create two restrictions which material is forced against, this enables better atomization or break up of the paint. Additionally, they allow for lower pressure to be used increasing transfer efficiency. Essentially this enables you to have transfer efficiency similar to HVLP while using your airless sprayer.  Before you decide its perfect for you, you may want to perform a test. They are generally best suited for thin material like stains and wood sealers and individual performance will depend on your specific material, which is why a test is a good idea.

Graco Rax X Fine Finish Low Pressure Airless Tip

Final thoughts

As a paint contractor staying up to date with what paint equipment is available to potentially help simplify your work and help you provide better results is a great practice. This guide on some of the most popular paint equipment options in 2018 can start as a great starting point.

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