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Spray Guns Between Full Size and Air Brush (Touch Up Guns) – A Guide

Depending on your painting projects you often times may not need a full-size spray gun to be able to perform your work. However, you may need a spray gun that is larger than an airbrush to be able to properly apply coating to for your project. A few common areas that this is true include artists that work on larger projects like muralists as well as in set design in Hollywood. If you are wondering what options there are that are smaller than a full-size spray gun but bigger than an airbrush we will cover that.  We also will cover what to consider when evaluating different touch-up gun prices.

Spray guns between airbrushes and full size spray guns are called Touch Up Spray Guns

If you need the customization ability of a full-size spray gun and a bit more paint than an airbrush can deliver you most likely want to consider a touch-up spray gun. A touch-up spray gun like those listed here offer the ability to atomize coating to a similar degree that larger spray guns can. However, they are a lot smaller and will typically have a smaller spray pattern. To know if a particular touch up spray gun will meet your needs you should consider the following information.

Why a Touch Up Spray Gun?

A touch up spray gun is best suited for when you will only be painting smaller targets all day, if you need finer control of your spray gun, or if you need to do occasional touch up paint work. These are ideal reasons to consider a touch up spray gun. You will also want to consider the following points.

 Air Caps

One primary difference between a high end touch up spray gun and a lower cost budget touch up spray gun will be the air cap that the gun comes with. In general the higher the CFM (Cubic feet a minute) the air cap uses the better able the spray gun will be able to atomize a heavier bodied coating. For example, if you go with a Binks Trophy Touch Up Spray Gun they offer caps that provide up to about 8 CFM at the air cap (using LVMP air cap technology which you can learn more about here) with HVLP they can max out around 6.4 CFM. In comparison lower cost touch up guns will usually max out around 5.6 CFM, this can have an impact on the atomization ability of the spray gun.

Fluid Nozzles

In addition to the air cap CFM and its ability to atomize a coating, a higher end touch up gun will offer a variety of potential fluid nozzles. Fluid Nozzles help to determine the types of coating you can effectively spray as well as the control of how you apply our coating. By offering greater choices in the variety of nozzles available it allows you greater variety of coating options as well as the ability to paint in with greater precision.

Replacement Parts

A high quality touch up spray gun will never have to be thrown away. High end touch up spray guns will allow you to rebuild all the guns components which make it useful for the long term. If you go with a lower cost gun you end up throwing it away when an issue arises.

Spray Pattern Repeatability

A high end touch up spray gun will also allow you to be able to repeatedly and consistently reproduce a given spray pattern. Lower cost guns will have a change in their pattern faster.


Ultimately you have two decisions to consider when evaluating a touch-up spray gun.  First is whether or not It is right for your painting needs. Second, is whether a budget or higher priced gun will be better for your needs. By considering the ideas mentioned in this article you can make a better choice. If you have additional questions whether a touch-up gun will work for your application you can contact us today.

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