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How to use a Turbine HVLP Spray Unit with a 2 Quart Pressure Cup

When you are spraying with a Turbine fed outfit you typically use suction or gravity fed style unit. However, there may be times where your spraying a heavier material or want to be able to control your fluid pressure separate from air. If this is your situation and you have a turbine unit this article will cover how you can use a Turbine Outfit with a Pressure cup. If you want to learn more about gravity vs suction vs pressure feed spray guns you can consider this article which will help in determining if making the switch is right for you.

What you need to use a Turbine HVLP Spray Gun outfit with a Pressure Cup

First, you need a turbine spray unit.  Second you need proper fittings and third, you will need a 2 quart pressure cup to connect to. Typically a turbine unit will only be able to support a 2 quart pressure cup effectively. The hose you will need from the turbine unit will have the proper connection for your turbine unit and you will then also need a quick disconnect that will fit on the end of your turbine hose and that will attach to the male inlet adapter on your 2 quart pressure cup, this will commonly be a 3/4″ female quick disconnect adapter and an appropriate reducing nipple on the 2 quart pressure cup. From the pressure cup, you would then need hoses for air and fluid for your spray gun, they will typically be 5 feet long You will also need a 5 foot long fluid line to supply fluid to your spray gun.  The hoses will have to have the proper size connections for the fluid and air on the pressure pot, which is typically a ¼” for air and 3/8” for fluid though you will want to verify the outlet sizes on your specific pressure cup. If all the connections and fittings are confusing you could go with a pre designed set up like the Titan 0524203 which includes the cup along with the fluid and air line, but you would need the proper air line from the turbine unit to the pressure cup.

Additional Steps to use a 2 quart cup with a Turbine Unit

You will also need to convert your spray gun to a pressure feed design. This may require changing the air cap but most common spray guns can use a suction fed air cap with a pressure feed set up. You can verify this with your spray gun manufacturer to ensure it will work. If your gun was originally set up for siphon feed of material you will typically have to remove the fluid tube as well and place an appropriate connection for the fluid line to connect to. If your original gun is gravity feed it will typically not allow for spraying by pressure or suction as there is not a way to connect fluid to the base of the gun.

Important Considerations

If you will be feeding a pressure cup with your turbine unit you will often times want to consider a larger turbine unit (5 stage or higher). As using a pressure up could require a bit more work on the turbine unit you will want to make sure yours will be able to handle the extra workload. Smaller stage turbines like 4 or less may over heat and eventually break down due to the excess workload on the turbine unit when using a 2 quart pressure cup. You may also want to consider a Turbine unit vs a standard compressor HVLP Spray Gun setup to see which is right for you and can learn the pros and cons of each here.

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