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What Pressure Washer to Buy – A Guide

If you are buying a pressure washer there are a few critical things to consider prior to purchasing to ensure you get a pressure washer that will perform well for the work you are doing. Critical factors to consider include what pressure you will need for your cleaning work, whether it will be gas, electric, or air powered, how many gallons per minute your pressure washer will need to deliver, whether the unit will be designed for heavy or light occasional use, and the manufacturer your interested in.  While all these factors are important, will focus on what pressure pressure washer you should consider today.

To understand why pressure is important, we will cover a bit about how pressure washers are rated. Pressure washers have  a rating known as effective cleaning units, which is a simple measurement of how efficient a pressure washer is at cleaning.  Effective cleaning units are calculated by taking the pressure a pressure washer is able to operate at and multiplying it by the gallons per minute of the pressure washer.  The higher the GPM and pressure that a pressure washer can deliver, the greater amount of work you will be able to complete with your pressure washer in a given time.  This relationship between a pressure washers operating pressure and potential cleaning effectiveness is one reason to consider the pressure your pressure washer will be able to deliver.

A second important reason to consider the pressure of a pressure washer is certain cleaning projects will require high pressure in order to be able to effectively complete the project.  The chart below is a quick and easy reference that shows the typical pressures that different surfaces typically need in order to be able to effectively clean them.  While the chart provides common reference pressures, it is always best to start with a lower pressure than you think you potentially need and gradually increase the pressure until you are getting the cleaning result wanted, this will ensure that you do not accidentally damage the surface with your pressure washer.

Surface Type Typical Water Pressure Used for Cleaning the Surface
House Siding 2000 – 2500 PSI
Decks 2500 – 3000 PSI
Brick 3500 – 4000 PSI
Concrete 3500 – 4000 PSI


A final reason that is important to consider what pressure pressure washer you should buy is what you plan on removing from a surface. Certain contaminants like paint or other products that are bonded to a products surface can be difficult to remove without high pressure and often times even a heated pressure washer.

Ultimately, if you will depend on your pressure washer for regular cleaning of a variety of surfaces, it is usually best to consider the highest pressure pressure washer you can reasonably afford try this  Most high pressure pressure washers, including our’s here, offer the ability to adjust pressure down so you can use a high pressure washer on any surface from siding to concrete.  If a high pressure washer is to expensive consider the factors mentioned to decide which pressure will be sufficient to provide productivity and effective cleaning for your work needs.

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