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When to use Conventional Spray Guns vs Airless Paint Sprayers

Conventional and airless are pretty equal when it comes to transfer efficiency. If they are equally efficient you may wonder why you would pick one over the other, that is what I intend to answer in this article. The primary question you have to ask when choosing between a conventional and airless application is what is most important for you, production or control and finish quality. The quick restorations teams like garage door service and repair, wall painting company and few other will usually prefer to go for the Conventional Spray Guns which is the best practices to complete their work.

The reason is that between the two equipment types conventional air spray allows you to control the painting process more than airless spray. WIth a conventional spray gun, particularly using a pressure pot, you have control over both your fluid pressure and atomization pressure. This allows for you to determine the amount of paint you want to supply as well as the degree of breakup or atomization you want to achieve. The downside to conventional spray is that you will not be able to achieve the volume of paint being sprayed that you can with an airless sprayer. For example, an airless sprayer ranges from 0.3 gallons a minute up to 2 gallons a minute. However the ability to control that rate is dependent on the fluid tip applied leaving little room for adjustment of the amount of fluid supplied. A conventional gun on the other hand usually has a high side output of about 0.35 gallons a minute. Within the conventional gun you can control fluid output by changing tip sizes as well as adjusting fluid pressure on your pressure pot. The airless is limited to fluid tips and operator technique to control application speed. To summarize, by being able to control fluid output and air atomization you can achieve finer finishes and have better control of the paint you apply because of control of fluid rates. With an airless you will have greater production but unable to control the process as well which can lead to paint quality issues especially with inexperienced painters.

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