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Why are Spray Booths Different Prices

A lot of times customers will ask why a spray booth by a certain manufacturer is higher priced than another. Often they will ask isn’t a booth just a metal box with a fan? How could there be any difference in the booth? While at the most basic level a booth is a metal box with a fan there are other factors that go into the difference in price.

  1. Sheet Metal Assembly – one way a company is able to offer a booth at a lower price is to assemble the panels so they are larger in size. This reduces the number of cut outs the company is required to make out of sheet metal. The issue this causes is that the booth with larger width panels can be weaker structurally than a booth with a larger number of smaller width panels. This means that if you eve have to get on top of a booth (which can often happen for changing light or servicing a fan) it may not be safe.  Additionally, the fasteners that hold the sheet metal pieces together have an effect on the quality of the booth. The best fasteners are true nuts and bolts inserted through pre punched holes. These fasteners provide the greatest stability as well as allow for easy disassembly if a booth ever has to be moved. Other methods like zip screws are most convenient but the tradeoff is the quality of the construction.
  2. Fan Quality – The fan is the backbone of a good spray booth. Without its proper operation the booth will not adequately exhaust paint fumes from the working environment. A good booth company will provide a fan with a warranty and beyond that you will see the companies fan operate 15 – 20 years without a hiccup in performance.
  3. Features- When considering a booth there are a lot of options in today’s market. You can install a booth that allows a painter to finish a product and then bake the product in the same booth, all the while maintaining a comfortable work temperature. Booths can also be auto balanced to balance air into the booth with air leaving the booth so that you do not lose shop heat during cold months, in Pennsylvania this is important to consider. These advanced features require an air make up unit as well as a PLC (Precision Logic Controller). These advanced features are not available at lower priced booth manufacturers.
  4. Company Support – Does the booth supplier stand behind it’s product?  For example almost any booth startup is never a perfect experience there are always small issues that come up whether it be with electrical, mechanical, or in complex booths software issues. When these issues arise does the booth company have a support staff to service and solve those issues.

With all this in mind make sure to research where you will be getting your booth from if you are at all concerned regarding the booth’s quality, longevity, and support of its operation.

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