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Category Archives: Spray Booths

Cranes and Paint Booths – A Guide

Cranes and paint booths guide

Overhead and gantry cranes are often needed when you have heavy components you manufacture or paint.  However they also create unique considerations when trying to incorporate a paint booth and still maintain the use of your overhead crane. This guide will cover what you should know about cranes and paint booths, how they can be […]

Paint Booth Filters – Reviews and Guide (Includes Video)

Paint Booth Filters Review and Guide

While it may seem like a small component of your painting work, your paint booth filters can have a greater impact on your work then you think.  Spray booth filters capture overspray, protecting your paint booth fan from excessive paint build up, they are something that needs regular maintenance which costs you time as it […]

The Differences  between Liquid Paint Booths & Powder Coating Booths

Powder ZCoating vs Liquid paint booths

We often get asked questions about if you can powder coat in a liquid paint booth and what differences are their between liquid and powder coating booths.  Whether because your trying to powder coat in a liquid paint booth or just trying to understand why they are different, this guide will help you understand the […]

Selecting a Paint Booth For Your Facility

Paint booths will contribute significantly to the finish and production you achieve in your paint department. Below are the key factors to consider. Booth air flow Crossdraft – Most Cost Efficient air flow design; Typically best for large paint booths; Downdraft – Cleanest finish, requires concrete cut usually; more expensive than crossdraft design Side Downdraft […]

Air Conditioning Paint Booths – A Guide

Air Conditioning A Paint Booth - A Cm[

A question we occasionally get asked is whether or not a paint booth can have air conditioning.  While this is not an everyday question it often comes up with spec work for aerospace, coating companies, and original equipment manufacturers that have critical concerns about the environment they spray paint in.  This guide will cover air […]

How to Measure Paint Booth Air Flow – A  Guide (Includes Video)

How to Measure Paint Booth Air Flow

Air flow is critical with paint booths to ensure that you are removing a sufficient volume of air to be in line with recommended safety guidelines like NFPA 33.  Over time paint booth fans can have bearings or belts that wear that can eventually cause your paint booth to perform less effectively than it once […]

Paint Booth Lighting – A Complete Guide

Paint Booth Lighting A Complete Guide

This guide will cover everything related to paint booth lighting from safety requirements, to cost savings options, to ways to improve visibility in a paint booth related to paint booth lighting, to what you want to ensure is correct about paint booth lights. Paint Booth Lighting Safety Requirements   The most important thing to consider […]

Paint Booth Filter Disposal Guide

Paint Booth Filter Disposal Guide

Paint booth filters capture overspray from your painting and ensure you are meeting proper safety guidelines for painting that are provided by agencies like the EPA.  One common question we get asked which will address today is what do you do with your old paint booth filters.  Will cover the pertinent safety regulations related to […]

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