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Complete Course outline

Day 1

Module 1 - Choosing Your Blast Pot
If you’re a contractor just getting in to sandblasting one of your largest expenses is often a sandblast pot. Choosing the right sandblast pot will help you be able to blast for years and to effectively achieve the blast profiles you need for your application or applications.

Module 2 - Choosing Your Spray Equipment
Our Spray Equipment Selection Guide will help you desipher the differences between HVLP spray guns, conventional air spray guns, VMP spray guns and airless paint sprayes.

Module 3 - Air Compressors for Painting &Sandblasting

If your just getting started and considering spraying paint whether it be to spray a car, wood work, or something else one critical expense to start is a proper air compressor. Air is also the key component in sandblasting. The amount and pressure of air that your air compressor provides will be one of the key factors in determining the size of your blast pattern and the speed at which the surface can be cleaned.

Module 4 - Compressed Air Filtration
It is critical to ensure you have proper compressed air filtration for your painting process. There are a few different degrees of compressed air filtration that you can implement which we will cover further so that you can decide what kind of compressed air filtration is right for your painting process needs

Day 2

Module 1 - How to Use a Paint Spray Gun
Spraying paint has a variety of benefits compared to rolling or brushing, it can be faster and provide a smoother appearing finish than brushing or rolling.
Module 2 - How to Use A Paint Pressure Pot
If you have decided on a pressure fed spray gun with a pressure pot, we will cover how to use a pressure pot and spray gun both in video and writing.
Module 3 - How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer
Airless paint sprayers are one of the fastest ways of painting large projects. From spraying new construction to painting industrial equipment an airless paint sprayer can be the ideal solution.
Module 4 - How to Use an Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun"
Electrostatic paint spray guns offer a variety of benefits over regular spray guns like huge potential to reduce the amount of coating your using among other things. However they do require a bit of extra training to know how to safely use them.
Module 5 - How to Use a Sandblast Pot
Properly using a sandblaster ensures your safety while sandblasting and improves the results you will get while sandblasting. In many ways, the actual use of the sandblast pot or sandblast cabinet are easy to understand. o

Day 3

Module 1 - Wood Surface Preparation
This module goes into detail about the four steps needed to properly prepare a wood surface. We'll also discuss tips for repairing and repainting wood.
Module 2 - Sandblasting for Surface Preparation
Sandblasting is ideal for preparing a variety of surfaces in a fast and efficient manner. We'll provide a brief overview of how to determine the proper settings and setup for your sandblast equipment to ensure you get the desired result from your sandblasting.
Module 3 - Selecting a Blast Media
Read this article to learn more about the most common blast media, their benefits and uses. Pro tip - when in doubt, start with a softer blast media than you need. You can always switch to a more aggressive one.
Module 4 - Steps to Take Before Painting Any Surface
We have covered basic steps to prepare wood or steel surfaces to be painted. But, there is still one critical step left, getting the surface ready just prior to painting. This step is critical because any dirt or impurities on the surface of your products can show through in your finish.

Day 4

Module 1 - How Much to Thin Paint
This guide will help provide practical tips on determining how much to thin your paint to ensure you don’t run into problems with runs and still achieve a quality finish.
Module 2 - How to Know if You Need a Plural Component Spray System
If you are trying to decide if a plural component spray system is right for you, this guide will provide you things to consider to see if it might make sense to invest in.
Module 3 - How to Use a Wet Film Gauge
A wet film gauge is one of the most important tools in coating application work. Being able to use it properly to know the wet film thickness of the coating you applied will allow you to achieve a desired dry film.

Day 5

Module 1 - Sandblast Pot Maintenance
This article we will provide the critical things to do for proper sandblast maintenance along with rough time frames to review various parts of your sandblast pot and common parts that can make sense to have on hand.
Module 2 - Sandblast Pot Troubleshooting
Knowing how to troubleshoot a broken sandblast pot will help you reduce downtime and ensure you get back to work as quickly as possible. This guide will aim to cover common sandblast pot problems and how you can fix them.
Module 3 - Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting
Airless paint sprayers can be tremendously helpful when it comes to high production needs. However, they can be a headache when problems occur. In this module we will cover the most common airless sprayer problems and how to fix them.
Module 4 - [VIDEO] Spray Gun Troubleshooting
Watch this short video for tips and tricks on troubleshooting your spray gun

Day 6

Paint & Blast Log Sheet
This log sheet will help you document all of the information needed for a successful job.
Module 1 - Selecting a Paint Booth For Your Facility
Paint booths will contribute significantly to the finish and production you achieve in your paint department. Below are the key factors to consider.
Module 2 - Common Finish Defects and How to Solve Them
This module will cover the most common finish problems and their causes as well as link to a great resource for you to see these issues first hand and better identify them.

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