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Painters Training

Do you have painters who are new for your facility?  Are you routinely having to replace paint equipment because it has not been kept properly?  Are you not achieving the finish quality your product requires?  If these are issues in your painting or manufacturing process we can potentially help.   Free training course sign up here.

What is included in our Painters Training

  • We can offer  training on paint application and paint equipment.
  • We tailor our training to your facilities needs.  We can focus on any area that you may need from maintaining your painting equipment, to proper use of spray equipment, to safety and paint application.
  • We offer lecture and hands on training - Our coarse can be a basic lecture like a lunch and learn to a full lecture and hands on painting course.

Benefits of our Painters Training Course

  • Reduce equipment break down issues that you may be experiencing - Will cover the appropriate way to maintain your painting equipment to maximize its life
  • Achieve consistency in your paint finish - We will cover the most common reasons why you may not be achieving a consistent paint finish and go over ways to eliminate these issues.  The end result will be your paint finish will be consistent and repeatable.
  • Review ways to reduce your paint costs and improve production - We will cover all the ways which you can apply a coating to see if their is a concept that might be better suited for your facilities painting needs.
  • Ensure your Painters know important safety concepts for paint application - We will cover common safety concerns that are overlooked in painting as well as important organizations related to painting.  This can help bring awareness to safety and painting
Would you like to set up an on site training about paint application do you have questions about our free training?  Contact us today and we can coordinate with your facility to find a time best suited to cover paint application and paint application equipment.

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