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Sandblast Equipment

If you need sandblast equipment whether it be for field work, a sandblast cabinet, or an industrial blast facility we can work with you to help we offer Clemco Industries Sandblast Products.  We offer on site training with purchase of new blast equipment in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio or telephone support nationwide. For an overview of new sandblast equipment we carry you can view the options we have available here. 

Features of our Sandblast Equipment Repair

  1. We will visit you so that you do not have to slow production for needs like industrial blasting facilities.
  2. We perform a complete breakdown of your sandblast equipment to evaluate any components that need replaced due to high wear
  3. We review your sandblast equipment to ensure it is in compliance with all appropriate safety standards
  4. Routine maintenance services - We offer on sight services for sandblast cabinets that include replacement of all high wear components, clean out of abrasive media when needed, and verification of proper functioning of your sandblast cabinet.

Benefits of our Sandblast Equipment Repair

  1. We will review your sandblast equipment to ensure it is working properly - common products that need repair that are hard for customers to repair include items like the Clemco Holloblast, Clemco Media Recovery system, and the Orbiter Pipe Painting Tool.  Additionally we can help ensure existing sandblast pots or safety equipment like respirators are properly working.
  2. You can ensure that your pipe cleaning tools or sandblast equipment is properly repaired so that you can continue production without concern.
  3. You can maintain high production schedules without tying up your employees to maintain a sandblast cabinet.
  4. You can ensure that your sandblasting operation is safe and performing effectively for your operators.

If you have further questions about if we can help with your sandblast equipment repair or additional help with new sandblast equipment contact us today. 

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