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Clemco Sandblast Pots

Tips on Choosing a Sandblast Pot or Scroll Down to See Products

If your choosing a sandblast pot for the first time there are a few critical things to consider.

Blast Media

The type of blast media you will use.  The common setups of the contractor or classic Clemco Blast Pot will accommodate blast medias like steel grit, steel shot, or coal slag.  If you need specialty medias like baking soda or plastic beads this will require a different type of sandblast pot.

Work Type

Contractor series blast pots are typically more expensive but have additional wheels which allow for easier movement.  The Classic Style Blast Pots can be moved but only when empty and only have two wheels.

Desired Blast Time

The bigger the blast pot the longer you can blast before running out of media.  When it comes to portability a 6 cubic foot pot is about as large as you want to use.  A 6 cubic foot pot will allow about 30 minutes of blasting with a number 6 blast nozzle compared to about 15 minutes with a 3 cubic foot pot.

Optional Features

  • Abrasive Cut Off Switch – An abrasive cut off switch will allow you to stop delivery of blast media and have just air coming from the blast nozzle.  This will allow easy blow down of a blasted surface without needing to bring out any additional equipment
  • Low Boy – A low boy style pot allows for easier loading of abrasive media
  • Safety Packages – If you are just getting started it is important to consider the critical safety gear like an OSHA and NIOSH approved helmet, air purification, and other details.  Fortunately these are available as a package with your blast pot just specify that you need all safety gear on any pricing request.