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Allegro 8" Axial DC Blower System w/ 8" MVP (9506 Blower)

Allegro 8" Axial DC Blower System w/ 8" MVP (9506 Blower)

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Axial Confined Space Fan Kit, 1/4 hp HP, 12V DC Voltage, 4,200 RPM Blower/Fan Speed

Our easy to order, easy to use Complete Ventilation Systems include all the most requested equipment you need for your confined space site. The systems include a choice of our most popular blowers, 6′ & 15′ of ducting with a storage bag, and a Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP). The Axial AC & DC Metal Blower Systems offer lightweight portability with the highest output available from axial style blowers.

This kit includes a blower, 6 and 15 ft. of ducting with a storage bag, and Allegro® Industries' Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP). The MVP assembly is designed to help you maintain and redirect air flow into manholes, sewers, and tanks, with minimal restriction. The system—low-profile manhole air vent, low-profile 90° elbow, and easy-entry duct—is compact, lightweight, and not statically conductive. The collapsible duct is packed in a small storage bag with a quick-release draw string to drop it into the manhole. The duct springs into shape once a worker has entered. Once the low-profile system is installed, flat-channeled corners let the manhole cover fit into place for stabilization.

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