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Baileigh Industrial - 220V 3Phase Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear. 52" Length 10 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity

Baileigh Industrial - 220V 3Phase Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear. 52" Length 10 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity

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With its welded steel frame, this hydraulic sheet metal shear offers a long lifespan of use cutting thick materials for high production. The adjustable blade gap and rake angle ensure quality cuts.

Baileigh SH-5210-HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shear Features:

  • 52” length.
  • 10 gauge mild steel maximum capacity.
  • Minimum capacity of 24 gauge mild steel.
  • 7.5 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system is located in the front for easy fluid changes.
  • 35 to 47 strokes per minute for speedy production.
  • Shearing carriage rides on hardened ways and uses heavy-duty bearings to reduce friction.
  • Manually adjustable 23.62” backgauge ensures precise repeatability.
  • Heavy duty table with roller bars slides material into the machine more easily.
  • Side gauges keep the cut at 90° (if you so choose) without you needing to make a guiding line on the material.
  • Switch between 3 modes as needed:
  • Jog mode: Inching the blade down to the material.
  • Single cycle mode: One cut for one pedal push.
  • Automatic cycling mode: Continuously cutting for production runs.Adjustable rake angle dial makes it easy to
  • fit your material thickness to minimize burr and put less strain on hydraulics.
  • Convenient blade gap adjustment lets you eliminate folding and twisting.
  • Comes standard with high carbon chromium blades.
  • 2-sided upper blades and 4-sided lower blades can be flipped and resharpened as needed, saving money.
  • Hydraulic hold-downs clamp the sheet solidly to the table, eliminating material lifting and improving blade life.
  • Rigid, fully welded steel plate construction helps prevent flex and gives you many years of accuracy.
  • Shadow line creates a reference line on the material so you know exactly where the cut will be.
  • The SH-5210-HD plate shear is covered by a 1-year parts warranty.

Baileigh SH-5210-HD Specifications:

  • Item Number: SH-5210-HD
  • Blade Rake Angle: .5 to 2.0 degrees
  • Back Gauge Length: 23.62"
  • Shear Length: 52"
  • Motor: 7.5 hp
  • Thickness (SS): 10 ga. (13 ga.)
  • Strokes Per Minute: 35 – 47
  • Front Gauge Length: 39.37"
  • Blade Angle: 1/2° – 2° Adjustable
  • Blade Gap Adjustment: Manual, Lever Acuated
  • Power: 220V / 3-phase
  • Shipping Weight: 4200lbs
  • Minimum Material Thickness: 24ga
  • Shipping Dimensions (Inches): 88x45x66


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