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Baileigh Industrial - 220V 3Phase Heavy Duty Semi-Auto Column Type Cold Saw with Inverter Drive 16" Blade Diameter

Baileigh Industrial - 220V 3Phase Heavy Duty Semi-Auto Column Type Cold Saw with Inverter Drive 16" Blade Diameter

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Built from steel and cast iron, this semi-automatic cold saw will last for decades. All industrial-grade components, like the gearbox, hydraulics, and coolant system, keep cuts accurate.

*Accepts a maximum 17” blade.

*Miters 45° left and 60° right, perfect for angle iron and channel.

*You can switch between 4 cutting speeds (35, 60, 70, and 120 rpm) to fit your material.

*5 hp blade motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.

*Cutting head rides up and down heavy slideway tracks, hardened and ground to offer the most accurate cuts in the industry.

*Blade head allows you to adjust the descent speed.

*Adjustable gibs on the column give the slideways a long lifetime of use.

*You can set a hard vertical stop so that the blade only cuts so far down—great for faster cycle times.

*Whole carriage, including motor and blade, will slide up or down with the press of a button so you can get your material in there.

*Hydraulic downfeed movement of the cutting head offers precise cutting pressure through the cycle, which extends blade life.

*Simple to operate: put the material against the stop rod and press the foot pedal to start cutting.

*Hydraulic self-centering vise clamps the material, then the saw starts its descent.

*After the cut, the blade automatically shuts off and returns to home position.

*Choose manual or semi-automatic mode by turning a dial.

*Metered stop rod lets you easily make repeatable lengths for production runs.

*Rugged steel base reduces vibrations to produce burr-free cuts like only a cold saw can.

*Industrial-grade coolant pump cools the blade and washes chips away.

*Flood coolant system prolongs blade and machine life, plus it helps the blade give you cuts with smooth edges.

*Oiler system lets you pump a lever to release oil from the reservoir and keep the head moving up and down without catching.

*Comes with a box of tools for maintenance and blade changeovers.

*Replacement parts are in stock for fast shipments.

*We cover this vertical column cold saw with a 1-year parts warranty.

*Lifetime technical support by phone means you can contact our team of reps—all with hands-on machine experience—any time you need help. Recommended for: Large-scale production at any full-service fabrication or machine shop.



  • Length : 60 in.
  • Width : 44 in.
  • Height : 87 in.
  • Net Weight : 1870 lbs


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