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Binks 54-3953 909Vt Needle Assembly

Binks 54-3953 909Vt Needle Assembly

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Stock Status:  In Stock
Manufacturer Name:  Binks
Manufacturer Number:  54-3953
Product ID:  496558
Default Weight:  1.111lbs
Minimum Order:  1
Sell in Unit of:  1
Category: Tools
Alt. Name:  Binks 54-3953 54-3953 Binks
Unique SKU:  49655854-3953
Other term :  Binks54-3953
key search :  Binks54-3953 496558 54-3953 Binks496558
Binks 54-3953 Technical Specs & complete product description with manufacturer specification 909Vt Needle Assembl

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