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Binks 80-295 Two-Quart “STEADI-GRIP” Pressure Container
Pressure Container

Binks 80-295 Two-Quart “STEADI-GRIP” Pressure Container

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SG-2-Steadi Grip

Pressure Cups are the Perfect Option for heavier bodied coatings that are sprayed in smaller quantities.

External Mix Air Nozzle Application Operation:

  • Connect hose as shown in diagram on front page.
  • Fill cup with strained fluid mixed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations on label of container.
  • Fasten cover securely.
  • Close air adjusting valve by turning clockwise.
  • Set air pressure at CleanAir filter unit to between 35 and 80 PSI, depending upon atomization desired.
  • Set regulator on pressure cup to approximately 10 PSI for enamels; 5 PSI for lacquers. (Turn knob clockwise to increase pressure; to reduce pressure, turn knob counter-clockwise. Always release air in cup by momentarily opening air release valve on cover when attempting to reduce pressure.)
  • Open air adjusting valve.
  • With trigger fully pulled back, make several fast spray strokes against a flat surface. After adjustment of pressure, proper atomization will be indicated by an even distribution of finely divided paint particles.

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Prop 65 Warning!
All air and fluid pressure in the system must be relieved before servicing the cup and before cup is filled or cleaned. Attempting to service the cup while pressurized could result in damage to components or personal injury.



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