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BINKS DX70 Bare Diaphragm Pump - Tripod Mount

BINKS DX70 Bare Diaphragm Pump - Tripod Mount

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DX70R3-TF Tripod mounted pump & three air controls

The Binks DX70 is the perfect solution for one gun spray applications with faster color changes and quick refills for less production downtime.

Binks DX70 Air Operated 1:1 Ratio Diaphragm Pump

  • The pump features a unique diaphragm no-crease shape for a long life. The DX-70 also includes a built in fluid regulator which ensures a constant and virtually pulse free fluid delivery for direct feed to spray guns. This design reduces the cost and complexity of additional fluid regulators or surge chambers.
    The “built in” fluid regulator provides easily adjustable surge free paint flow. This feature costs extra on competitive models.
  • Air Valve provides smooth, quiet and surge free paint delivery up to 34 fl. Oz/min (1000 cc/min)
  • Acetal Pump Body with Stainless Steel balls and soft seats allow for universal
    paint compatibility for solvents and water based materials
  • The DX-70 is 1:1 diaphragm pump designed for supply of paints and materials to spray gun and fluid transfer applications.


  • DX-70 Bare Pump
  • Fluid Regulator
  • Filter Assembly
  • Air Controls 3 Regulators
  • Siphon Hose
  • Tripod Mount


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