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Binks Gear Drive Agitator (with cover) (1587400704035)

Binks Gear Drive Agitator (with cover)

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  • For open top 205 litre (55) gallon drums
  •  Gear drive, 40 RPM
  • For heavier fluids such as paints and mastics furnished with:
  • 1/2 HP air motor (10 to 14 CFM)
  • Zinc Plated Clear Chromate cover (31-124)
  • Two 370mm (14 1/2 in. diameter Stainless Steel paddles with Stainless Steel shaft
  • Speed: Speed of the air motor is regulated by an air adjusting valve (part no. HAV-500). The speed of the agitator shaft below the reduction gear box should not run faster than 30 to 40 RPM maximum.
  • Air Supply: Air used to operate this unit should come directly from a high pressure source; do not use air that has passed through a regulator.
  • Air supply to the motor should be a minimum of 4 bar (60 psi) gauge pressure.

Binks Gear Drive Agitator (with cover)


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