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Binks 43P Spray Gun

Binks Model 43P Plural Component Spray Gun

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The Binks 43P Spray Gun is an internal mix Plural Component Spray Gun.

This model has an internal impingement method of fluid mixing with no moving parts. The mixing chamber has replaceable PTFE liner. A separate, independent solvent flush valve and control make gun head cleanout fast. Gun head is stainless steel, the body is drop-forged aluminum.

The Binks 43P Airless Plural Component Spray Gun is an internal impingement mix plural component .

Features Include:

- Resin inlets with spring loaded check valves

- Separate inlet for solvent purge

- Solvent purge control

- Externally removable impingement orifices - Ball type needle fluid valves

- Gun head clean-out ports

- Interchangeable spray tips - Trigger safety lock

- Stainless steel head, aluminum body

- Various pour/atomizing adapters available - Interchangeable orifice sizes for off-ratio materials.

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