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Black Max Fan 20" Pneumatic Motor Air Power

Black Max Fan 20" Pneumatic Motor Air Power

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• Fan sizes: 12", 16", 20", 24"
• Motors options: Electric (TEAO), Hazardous Electric (EXPL), Pneumatic (AIR)
• Heavy-duty steel frame construction
• Spiral cast aluminum blades
• Adaptable for dust socks and ducting
• Eagle does not advise the use of dust socks on 24" Black Max Fans.

• Designed for maximum airborne dust collection
• Provides negative pressure to aid in collecting silica and other airborne abrasive dust
• High volume airflow design

Adaptable to Eagle's standard:
• Ventilation Ducting: various sizes and types available (see Ducting)
• Dust Socks: various sizes available (see Dust Socks)


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