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BluShield Turbo Nozzle

BluShield Turbo Nozzle

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Elevate your cleaning game with the Blushield Turbo Nozzle and Wand – an embodiment of power and efficiency. Designed in collaboration with Briggs & Stratton, the 209318GS Pressure Washer Heavy-Duty Turbo Nozzle and Wand harnesses the might of a focused water jet to effortlessly obliterate grime. This dynamic duo guarantees a cleaning speed up to 40% faster than standard nozzles, making it a formidable ally for tackling challenging surfaces like brick, concrete, and vinyl. With compatibility up to 3000 PSI, this accessory is a perfect match for a range of pressure washers. Seamlessly connecting to M22 (0-14 mm) spray gun fittings, it transforms your cleaning experience from mundane to exceptional. Engineered with precision, this turbo nozzle isn't just about cleaning prowess – it's a safeguard for your investment. Tailored to our engines, it not only enhances performance but also safeguards against costly repairs, ensuring the integrity of your warranty coverage. Embrace authenticity, reliability, and peak efficiency with the Blushield Turbo Nozzle and Wand – a symbol of unwavering quality in a world of cleaning challenges.

Unleash intense cleaning power with a pin-point jet of water, redefining your cleaning standards.
  • Accelerate cleaning processes by up to 40%, outpacing standard spray nozzles.

  • Ideal for conquering brick, concrete, and vinyl surfaces with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Engineered for pressure washers up to 3000 PSI, catering to a diverse range of cleaning needs.

  • Seamlessly connects to M22 (0-14 mm) spray gun fittings, ensuring hassle-free operation.

  • Engine-specific design ensures protection against costly repairs and upholds valuable warranty coverage.

  • A testament to authenticity, this turbo nozzle aligns perfectly with the Blushield commitment to quality.

  • Explore the extensive lineup of Briggs & Stratton replacement and maintenance parts, tailored to uphold peak performance.

  • Exclusively designed to meet OEM standards, Briggs & Stratton genuine parts guarantee optimum engine performance.

  • Installing genuine parts ensures compliance with EPA emission regulations, a nod to environmental responsibility.


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