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Bullard Electric Driven Pump - 50 CFM @ 10 PSIG - Portable

Bullard Electric Driven Pump - 50 CFM @ 10 PSIG - Portable

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EDP50 Free-Air® Pump

Supplies air for seven hood-style or ten half or full face mask airline respirators. Air flow is 50 cfm at 5 psig. Shipped complete with inlet and outlet filter cartridges, pressure gauges, pressure relief valves, and two air supply hose quick-disconnect pod with six 1/2” Industrial Interchange (Hansen compatible) quick-disconnect couplers each

Electrical Motor Options

  • Single Phase 5 HP Motor, 208V or 230V
  • Three Phase 5 HP Motor, Reversing Starter, 208/230/460V
  • Three Phase 7.5 HP Motor, Reversing Starter, 208/230/460 V


  • Breathable air inlet can be located up to 300 feet away from the pump
  • Medium efficiency Inlet Filter (particulates large than 25 microns filtered out of the air supply). Replace after 500 operational hours or less depending on working conditions.
  • Outlet filter is Carbofine with activated carbon. Replace after 200 operational hours or less depending on working conditions.

Respirator Capabilities

  • May be used in conjunction with any manufacture’s supplied air respirators. Check the respirator’s owner’s manual to verify that the cfm output of the pump is adequate.
  • Hood-style respirators require a minimum of 6 cfm each and 12-15 cfm each when used with a cool tube
  • Half and full face style respirators require a minimum of 4 cfm each

Warranty 1 year limited warranty to original purchaser from date of purchase

When placed in a clean air environment, Bullard Free-Air® pumps offer a low-cost means of supplying clean, breathable air to respirator wearers working in contaminated environments up to 300 feet away from the pump. They are easy to operate and maintain. Free-Air pumps do not require temperature alarms, CO monitors or airline filters, so they can be a cost-effective alternative to compressed air.

  • Completely mobile and portable
  • No expensive installation costs
  • Models available to suit any application
  • Models that support up to ten respirators
  • Available in versions to support climate control devices


  • Six to Ten person pump
  • Open drip-proof motor drive
  • Oil-less – eliminates OSHA required CO monitors, temperature alarms, airline filters
  • Electric Driven Pump
  • Made in the USA
  • Portable
  • Capacity to supply air to:
         -Seven hood-style; or
         -Ten half or full face mask airline respirators
  • Shipped complete with
          -Inlet and outlet filter cartridges
          -Pressure gauges
          -Pressure relief valves
          -Two air supply hose quick-disconnect pods with six 1/2” Industrial Interchange                          (Hansen compatible) quickdisconnect couplers.
  • Carbon vans are replaceable and need no adjustment, lasting for 3,000 – 10,000 operational hours if properly maintained.
  • Three Phase motor standard
  • Protective reversing starters standard on all three phase motors
  • Weighs 317 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26” wide x 38” long x 32” high
  • Maximum air pressure of 15psig
  • Air flow of 50 CFM at 10 psig
  • Air supply hose quick-disconnect pod can be extended 300 feet from the pump
  • Tire pressure of 50 psig max
  • Can be custom built to customer specification

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