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Bullard Frigitron 2000 Cool Tube Assy.

Bullard Frigitron 2000 Cool Tube Assy.

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The BULLARD Frigitron® 2000 Series Cool Tubes is designed For Use With: Bullard's ADP20 And EDP30 Ambient-Air Pumps, The BULLARD Frigitron® 2000 Series cools air by as much as 20°F (11°C). It helps maintain worker comfort And Maximize Productivity While Working In Hot, Humid Environments.

The BULLARD Frigitron® 2000 Series Features Two Adjustable Airflow Control Valves That Allow The User To Adjust The Incoming Air To A Temperature Best Suited To Individual Comfort.

The BULLARD Frigitron 2000 Series Cool Tubes Are NIOSH Approved For Use With Bullard's 88, CC20, GR50 Or MB30 Series Airline Respirators.

1/2" Industrial Interchange (Hansen Compatible) Quick-Disconnect
Adjustable Temperature Control
Nylon Belt
For Use With Free-Air Pumps ADP-20 & EDP30.

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