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NOW NIOSH approved with Personal Climate Devices
Bullard Spectrum Series Paint and Chemical Handling Paint Respirator (1588217610275)
Bullard Spectrum Series Paint and Chemical Handling Paint Respirator (1588217610275)

Bullard Spectrum Series Paint and Chemical Handling Paint Respirators

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The ideal solution when spraying material with isocyanates and other coatings.  Well suited for frequent movement. In stock for same day order processing.

NOW NIOSH approved with Personal Climate Devices

Spectrum Continuous Flow Respirators
Now compatible with Personal Climate Devices including the AC1000, CT Series Cool Tubes, HC2400, and HCT Series Hot/Cold Tubes, the Full-Face Spectrum takes the work out of wearing a respirator. The Spectrum Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator is compatible with economical low pressure air sources such as Bullard Free-Air® pumps or with conventional breathing air compressors or cylinders. Spectrum meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+ 2010 Impact Face Protection and OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1,000.

Spectrum Pressure Demand Respirators
The Spectrum Pressure Demand Respirator has all of the features of the Spectrum Continuous Flow with the additional protection of a pressure demand regulator system. The OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) for this respirator is 1,000.

Spectrum Pressure Demand with Escape Respirators
The Spectrum Combination Pressure Demand/5 or 10-Minute ESCBA for Confined Spaces and Hazardous Work Environments, when equipped with the escape cylinder, is suitable for work within or escape from Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environments. OSHA Assigned Protection Factor (APF) is 1,000.


  • Painting and Coating Operations
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Remediation
  • Chemical Handling
  • Confined Space (with Escape bottle)

  • NIOSH approval numbers below
  • 1,000 Assigned Protection Factor (APF)
  • ANSI/ISEA Z87+ 2010 Impact Face Protection


  • Lightweight silicone flange seals softly against the user's face without feeling slippery
  • Double flange provides a secure, comfortable fit across a wide range of facial sizes and contours
  • Personal cooling and warming devices allow the user to adjust the temperature of the incoming air by 30°F or more

Low Profile

  • Allows users to get close to their work and fit into tight quarters
  • Reduces snag hazards
  • Compatible with hard hat donning


  • Optically correct lens provides superior peripheral vision
  • Clear nose cup allows more light into the mask, minimizing the closed in feeling prevalent in other masks
  • Mylar® Lens covers keep the lens clean and protected


  • Snap together parts make assembly and maintenance quick and efficient without requiring special tools
  • A single facepiece platform design allows for conversion to other respirator configurations

The Spectrum Full-Face mask allows for multiple configurations:

  • PAPR (with the Bullard EVA)
  • Continuous Flow - Ambient Air Pump
  • Continuous Flow – Compressed Air
  • Pressure Demand - Pressure Demand
  • Pressure Demand with Escape Bottle (5 or 10 min.) for IDLH

Configure your Spectrum system at
Type C NIOSH Approval No.
TC-19C-0505 Continuous-Flow Class - F30 Series Flow Control
TC-19C-0506 Continuous-Flow Class - F40 Series Flow Control
TC-19C-0507 Continuous-Flow Class - AC1000 Series Flow Control
TC-19C-0508 Continuous-Flow Class - HC2400 Series Flow Control
TC-19C-0509 Continuous-Flow Class - CT Series Flow Control
TC-19C-0510 Continuous-Flow Class - HCT Series Flow Control


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