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C.A Technologies CPR-G (Fine Finish) Gravity Feed Spray Gun - CAT Pack - Standard - Wood

C.A Technologies CPR-G (Fine Finish) Gravity Feed Spray Gun - CAT Pack - Standard - Wood

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Once again CAT is proving why we are the technology leading spray gun manufacturer. This is the newest pressure reduced technology on the market. The CPR spray guns from CAT combine the transfer efficiency of HVLP with the speed and finish quality of conventional air spray. The nozzle requires 11cfm at 29 PSI recommended inlet pressure. The CPR guns are available in 2 types of packs, one for the automotive industry, and one for the wood industry. These kits will also be available with your standard 1qt. aluminum gravity cup or the popular 3M PPS. Both gravity versions include the new CPR air cap and the HVLP air cap, along with 3 different needle and nozzle sizes, multi-purpose wrench, nozzle wrench, cleaning brush and mini regulator.


  • Combines HVLP transfer efficiency with the finish quality and speed of a conventional spray gun
  • Comes in a kit which incorporates 3 needles/nozzles and 2 air caps
  • Requires 13.5 CFM with 23-1301 air cap
  • Requires 11 CFM with 23-2101 air cap
Air Inlet 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 16mm x 1.5mm (m)
Weight 1.25 lbs
23-1301 Requires 13.5 CFM @ 29 PSI
23-2101 Requires 11.0 CFM @  29 PSI
Includes CPR-G spray gun, 3-4 nozzle and needle setups, 2 air caps, 700 mL aluminum cup, air regulator, tools, case

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