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California Air Tools CAT-376 16 Piece Air Tool Accessory Kit

California Air Tools CAT-376 16 Piece Air Tool Accessory Kit

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California Air Tools 16-Piece Air Hose and Accessory Kit comes with a blow gun and accessories to help clean areas that includes: a lightweight 25-foot recoil PE air hose, a tire chuck, tire gauge, air blow gun with tapered rubber nozzle, and 4 different quick connect fittings, allowing you to easily switch between tools as needed and inflate objects. This accessory kit includes a PE recoil hose with couplers and plugs to attach air tools and other air fittings of your choice. This item is perfect California Air Tools air compressors, inflating tires, blowing off dust and debris, painting, airbrushing, and operating pneumatic tools such as nail guns and impact wrenches.

25 ft. recoil PE Air Hose for easy and lightweight use and storage
Air blow gun with tapered rubber nozzle for fast cleaning
Tire inflation head and inflating needle for filling tires, balls, beds and inflatables
(2) steel 1/4 in. NPT female couplers, (2) steel 1/4 in. NPT male plugs, (2) steel 1/4 in. NPT female plugs, (1) 1/4 in. NPT male hose connector, (1) 1/4 in. NPT female hose connector
Tire Monitoring Gauge.


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