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Clemco 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet
Clemco 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet
Clemco 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet

Clemco 4-Gallon Tumble-Basket Blast Cabinet

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Complete, High-Production Cabinet System with a Compact Footprint

Blast batches of parts up to 35 lbs with this suction cabinet that provides consistent parts coverage, easily switches between different media, and is far more efficient than manual blasting.

The cabinet’s detached 300 CFM power module with a pull-thru reclaimer and a reverse-pulse dust collector, combined with the cabinet’s compact footprint, allow for versatile configurations in tight work areas. In addition, the machine’s front-facing basket opening creates a cascading, as opposed to an up-down, tumbling movement of parts, which reduces part-on-part impingement.

The cabinet is constructed from 14ga steel and offers numerous other features that make it a versatile, rugged, and efficient automated cabinet. Use it to finish batches of medical or additive-manufactured parts, deburr aerospace investment castings, surface prep firearms or general-industry hardware, or blast parts in many other industries. Whatever your blasting application, the ZERO® 4-Gallon Tumble-BasketCabinet makes your life easier.

  • Blast Cabinet Footprint (with plumbing and CLOSED door)
    28″ (W) x 41″ (D) x 73″ (H)
  • Blast Cabinet Footprint (with plumbing and OPEN door)
    28″ (W) x 68″ (D) x 73″ (H)
  • Tilt-Out View Window
    19.5″ (W) x 12.5″ (H)

  • Power Module Footprint
    43″ (W) x 25.75″ (D) x 82″ (H)

The Tumble Basket

The basket’s four-gallon capacity holds batches of parts up to 35 lbs. Its variable-speed can operate from 1 to 15 rpm, and it features a 0-60 minute, manually set, blast-cycle timer.

Removable-Basket Specifications

  • 16” diameter x 13” deep
  • 10ga x 1/8” perforated steel body
  • 3/8” steel-barrel end plate

Basket-Drive Specifications

  • 1/4 HP
  • 115V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
  • DC motor and 100:1 gear reducer coupled to a 1” diameter drive shaft

Blast Cabinet Enclosure

The enclosure is constructed from 14ga steel. It features a safety door interlock and a quick-change, tilt-out view window. The enclosure door swings open to allow unobstructed loading and unloading of parts, as well as simplified barrel removal.

300 CFM Suction Power Module

The detached power module includes a dust collector and reclaimer.

Dust Collector

The 300 CFM dust collector features a reverse-pulse cartridge with a 1/2-HP exhauster, a dust drum, and auto-pulse cartridge cleaning, which extends the service life of the cartridge.

Media Recovery System

The 300 CFM pull-thru reclaimer has light-lined conveying hose, a quick-removal debris screen, and rubber-lined wear plates.

Suction Blast Gun System

Two cast-steel gun bodies are stud-mounted onto the cabinet door. This door mounting eases blast-gun maintenance, unlike similar competitor models that attach guns to the interior cabinet roof. Each gun is equipped with a No. 5 (5/16”) tungsten nozzle and has a BNP cast-aluminum, adjustable metering valve.


  • 5/32” adjustable air jets
  • Requires 64 cfm at 80 psi

Common Applications

Process sturdy or delicate parts up to 4” long for numerous industries, including:

  • Firearms—Slides, springs, and mechanism hardware
  • General Industry—Hardware and fasteners
  • Medical—Screws and small medical tools


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