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Clemco M-Section Recovery System (Pneumatic) w/ 8' L w/ 900 CFM CDC
Comes in 3x3 or 2x2 Hopper Sizes allow for recovering of sandblast media can be integrated into a floor or set on top of the floor depending on your desired option.
Clemco M-Section Recovery System (Pneumatic) w/ 8' L w/ 900 CFM CDC

Clemco M-Section Recovery System (Pneumatic) w/ 8' L w/ 900 CFM CDC

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Our standard sweep-in M-Section® pneumatic recovery systems efficiently recover and recycle most medium and low-density (less than 100 lbs per cu. ft.) blast media, such as glass bead, plastic, and aluminum oxide. The recovery section can be placed in a shallow channel, just 10 inches deep, for a true sweep-in operation, or surface mounted where conditions will not allow excavation.

M-Section Systems include:
Recovery assembly, 2000 lbs per square foot grating, 900 cfm media reclaimer with wear plate and externally-adjustable vortex cylinder, dust collector to ventilate the reclamation system, 6 cu ft stationary blast machine with 1¼" piping, Sentinel abrasive metering valve, TLR-300 remote controls with ACS, 6 cu ft media storage hopper, 50 ft coupled Supa blast hose, TXP-6 nozzle, pressure regulator, and 1½" air filter. Electrical supply (230v or 460v — please specify)

Important Notes:
Blast Media: Advise media type and mesh-size; information critical to ensure equipment suits the application.

Dust Collection: The dust collector provided is to ventilate the media reclamation system. A separate dust collector must be installed to ventilate the blast room. The blast room dust collector must be ordered separately.

Operator Safety Equipment: Must be ordered separately.

Electrical Control Panel: Must be ordered separately.

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