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Clemco Big Clem Accessory Package (for 1 operator) (1587524337699)

Clemco Big Clem Accessory Package (for 1 operator)

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NOTE: Package contains accessories for one operator; order one package for each outlet. Order Apollo respirator separately. No blast respirator and air hose included.

Accessory Package for all Big Clem models includes:

50 ft x 1-1/4" ID Supa blast hose, coupled
NHP-2, nylon nozzle holder (included on Supa)
CQPS-2 nylon coupling (included on Supa)
TXP-6 blast nozzle
Blast hose safety cable
One pair leather gloves
Nylon tie (eight included with system)
One 10-pack quick coupling gaskets
One 10-pack nozzle washers
One 25-pack Apollo 60/600 outer lenses
One 5-pack Apollo 60/600 intermediate lenses


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